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While maintaining a machine for a customer (she wanted the ability to dual-boot Win6 (Vista) and WinXP on a machine that shipped with only Win6), I was appalled at how difficult it was to find an XP driver for the chipset.  After nearly three agonizing days of searching everywhere I could think of, I finally found the driver file buried on the manufacturer's website under a different computer model: … 26676A.exe

If I'm being stupid and didn't see the correct drivers under a different DriverPack, well, I've been stupid before.  However, having only discovered this resource in the course of supporting the machine mentioned above, I haven't had the chance to create a properly slipstreamed XP install disk.

Thanks for your hard work in this!

- Sen

Re: [IMPL] Amd M690

Welcome to DriverPacks...

with all the recent releases of graphics and intel drivers chipset has been on the back burner with graphics and mass storage being the on fire items.

Thanks for the link and good info it helps. IDK if you still have access to the machine fut if you do can you post the HWID of the device that matches that driver? tool in my signature...

have a great day

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Re: [IMPL] Amd M690

This is a CPU driver and the same version is integrated in the CPU driver pack.