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can anyone make pack with all know bluetooth driver like driver repacked in Broadcom Bluetooth Driver (ver. … 1u/sd1/sea

and more if it's possible !!


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I don't think that this is likely to happen.  At least not a successful implementation anyway.  Bluetooth device support is completely fubar in Windows and it seems like everyone is blame.

First, I have found that if you want to get the most troublefree install, you should remove Windows built in Bluetooth support with nLite.

Second, one of the more common Bluetooth stacks out there is Widcomm.  Their installation routine(s) seem to be bound to specific BT adapters.  I have several BT USB adapters and the install routine for each will not work with any of the others - even though they all use a Widcomm stack.

So unfortunately it boils down to this - you could make a DP that contains the .inf, .sys, and .cat files for all known adapters.  But it would do much good as you need the full client software for pairing devices, setting security, etc.  Or if you somehow could make a DP that contained all of the client software, you'd have a heck of a time getting the different install routines to fire off unattended and working properly.  Not to mention how morbidly obese the DP would be.

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but of a shame that but i know what you mean as i have seen the problems caused at carious times

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Are you planning to install a Bluetooth peripheral device driver on Windows XP? If yes, follow these steps: Plug the USB adapter into a port on your computer. Once detected by your computer and successfully stored, go to the Start menu, open Control Panel, choose System and Maintenance, and click on Device Manager. Select Bluetooth Devices and begin the installation process by clicking on Update Driver. Do not search the Web and click on Advanced to install the driver from a specific location. Choose the default location, click Next, and wait until the process is complete. Click Finish.

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check this thread abdou

It might be what you're looking for.
And if it was just let me know.
good luck

oops ! sorry, i didn't pay attention to the date this thread was created.
if anyone found it useful just give a small comment.
sorry again

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