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not worky.

DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:" """",""Username"",""Password"""

ive also tried
DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:' "","Username","Password"'
DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:',"Username","Password"'
DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:',"Username",Password'

Autoit is very particular with quotes etc.


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OK, ill be around all day if you need any testing.


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Cheers overflow,
  that isnt the problem though. page opened fine in IE

[Versions] DP_BASE = "7052" DP_Chipset = "7101" DP_CPU = "7041" DP_Graphics_A= "710" DP_Graphics_B = "7121" DP_Graphics_C = "712" DP_LAN = "7121" DP_MassStorage = "801" DP_Sound_A = "712" DP_Sound_B = "712" DP_WLAN = "712"

ive got the command line to run in a cmd file for easy editing & execution. I presume it will run file from a cmd file..?


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ive tried

DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:"","Name","Password"

but its still no go.


2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> DriverPacks BASE 8.01.RC2 initialized.
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> Host environment: WIN_XP Service Pack 2 on X86 CPU.
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> Created temporary working directory.
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> Proxy settings specified - /proxy:,name,Password
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> Start scanning for DriverPacks for the wnt5_x86-32 platform.
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Chipset 7.10.1!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Graphics A 7.10!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Graphics B 7.12.1!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Graphics C 7.12!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack LAN 7.12.1!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack MassStorage 7.12.1!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Sound A 7.12!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Sound B 7.12!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack WLAN 7.12!
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Detected 3rd party DriverPack(s).
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT>     Finished scanning.
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> Detected settings file "C:\AutoImage0918\Driverpacks\DPs_BASE.ini".
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> Windows XP Professional -  Retail SP2 detected.
2008-01-30 10:43:00 : <INIT> The platform wnt5_x86-32_disc will be used (which is the 'disc' installation platform for the OS family 'wnt5_x86-32').
2008-01-30 10:43:01 : <INIT> Imported settings from settings file.
2008-01-30 10:43:01 : <INIT> QuickStream Cache directory not found!
2008-01-30 10:43:01 : <GUI>  Initialized GUI.
2008-01-30 10:43:01 : <GUI>  Created a list of all available language files.
2008-01-30 10:43:01 : <GUI>  Set the last used language, English, as the GUI language.

Just had a thought. has anyone else got this working ok..? if so it may well be down to our surf control blocking the url/file that it connects to on the web. Can you give me the url/file whatever you connect to to check in with updater so i can check i have access.?



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Autoit does work with ISA as ive already got a script for downloadinfg the latest Sdat for Mcafee Antivirus.

start of the script is like this . ive entered proxy settings but as it uses integrated security I dont need to put in my username & password

;set parameters for using
Global $UseIntegratedSecurity = True
Global $ProxyServer = ""
Global $ProxyUser = "" ;if $UseIntegratedSecurity is true (and working), these can be blank
Global $ProxyPass = ""

I didnt write the scipt someone on the Autoit forum wrote it & i have took it & modded for my needs.

once the proxy switch is working ok. is there away you can add to the GUI a line for Proxy so you know the proxy switch has worked when your in the GUI stage..?


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cant seem to get the proxy working..

DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:,Firstname Sirname,password

reports proxy settings are incorrect. dosent apear to like the space in the user name.

I would presume also for windows domains we would need to enter the user name as

DPs_BASE.exe /proxy:,DOMAIN\Firstname Sirname,password

cheers, ill test on monday.

Ive just tried the driver pack base & CPU & nboth downloaded ok for me. its not something your end giving you access denied is it.. ie firewall,content filter or download blocker of some sort.

712b is not ready.
It dosent have the Proxy support ive requested in  feature requests, added yet. I need this for the update page in the base to work, along with a few other people too.

cheers overflow. Yours & others time & effort is greatly apreciated.

Im sure alot will benefit as most companies have some form of proxy server to access internet. Not sure it will help bt im Using MS ISA 2005.

   I added the path manaully in Driverpack base which placed itself in the ini file correctly but im still getting this error. I came here to see wether there was another reason for getting this error. I didnt want to bother you on your forum for an issue that is with the driver pack base.
  I apreciate you adding code to Autoimage to manually update the path in the base ini file replicating the RIS data path in autoimage.

Im currently of work as my nipper is in hospital but when I get back to work ill test the new beta.

any chance this can be added in the next base?.

getting this error "There are not yet any slipstream modules for the selected platform!"

Does driverpack base work with RISSetup images for the os source?  It picks up the OS & runs through the Base no problem but when Autoimage applies the driver packs Im getting the above error.



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Sorry for the late reply..

PCI\VEN_1969&DEV_2048&SUBSYS_82331043&REV_A0\4&BCBF7E3&0&00E1: Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Controller

ive searched the web but havent found an official Atheros site for downloadinfg the latest drivers.

if you can check the HWID on the Atheros driver you may alread have that would be apreciated.


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If its not already in can you add this ethernet driver..

Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Controller

If somone can PM me there email i can send a zipped copy of the drivers.

Sorry, havent got the laptop in now to test.

HWID for the D520 is on first post. I cant get my hands on a D830 at present they are all out.

latest pack, method 2 & yes driver signing is turned off.

Ive tried the latest packs.

PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5A62&SUBSYS_FF311179&REV_00\4&2C0D4F31&0&2808: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M Series

Driver in driver pack dosent work. Device manager shows one exclamation mark against this device.

PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4370&SUBSYS_FF311179&REV_80\3&13C0B0C5&0&A5: Realtek AC'97 Audio

can somone add these if there not already in as im having problems with these drivers but only on these two laptops. Ive got other Dell machines these drivers work fine on.

D520- B440x
http://support.euro.dell.com/support/do … eid=148694
HWID - PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_170C&SUBSYS_01D41028&REV_02\4&2FE911E8&0&00F0: Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller

D830 B57xx
http://support.euro.dell.com/support/do … eid=201410

ill try & get the hardware ID's for you.

any update Bâshrat the Sneaky?

Hi Bâshrat the Sneaky,
  any chance you can add this feature for us.

many thanks