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Congrats Bâshrat... Rating wink


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Spanish and Portuguese are similar, I might be able to assist.

Check out the Spanish.lng file for any descriptions trouble you have trouble figuring out, it might help... I did the same with the French.lng

Hey We can now EDIT the post titles... Thank you Bâshrat the Sneaky and Helmi.

Minor Spanish Update see first Post...


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f*ck Me.

Sorry and Thank you!


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Sorry but I looked everyware and cant find the 3rd party driverpack for VMware Tools

I spent half an hour searching so I didnt have to post this but couldnt find it, anybody help me?


http://www.viaarena.com/Driver/VIA_Hype … _V510A.zip


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Siginet is working on something like it, check it out-> http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=34099#34099


Subscribed to topic and I have Gmail Notifier tongue

Updated smile

Thank You Bâshrat the Sneaky


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I dont see anymore adds, does that mean that tranlators are included also?

I dont mind adds btw, you gotta pay the bills


Minor Update for 6.09



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Whell not so fast... http://bugtracker.driverpacks.net/view.php?id=194

Now its my spanish translation of your contribution description to the project thats typoed.

I didnt know what Bâshrat the Sneaky meant by Windows version Detection, so I translated it as "Detecting Windows Version".
You know as if the Base was in the process of windows detection.

EDIT: Use the Spanish_Typo_Update2.7z found another word sorry Bâshrat the Sneaky im a perfectionist, (just in case there is a 6.08.4, otherwise forget it)

Why do you include the Italian and Turkish traslations if they crash the app?



Dont mess with the DriverPacks they have alredy been slimed down, if you want you can try making your own.
Heres a simple Tutorial

I made one for all the stuff on my machine and it was only 6.5 MB


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Yea!... Pay Up Sucker! lol


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Still in 6.08.2 sad

Updated http://bugtracker.driverpacks.net/view.php?id=178


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No! siginet its a bug ill submit it to Bugtracker

This is so funny

Updated for 6.08 but I think Im not quite finished becuz there is a crash when i select about or acerca in any lang.

So it will only work as good as the english trans. wich also dosnt work tongue

Updated Again tongue http://bugtracker.driverpacks.net/view.php?id=139

Use the NEW_Spanish.7z not the Spanish.lng

Been done that

It was the first thing I did before comming here