Topic: New lang file for DP Base - Brazilian

I have created a new lang file for Brazilian users of DriverPacks, based on the english.lng file.
All i did was translate line-by-line according to my language (pt-br, or for some, brazilian).

available on …

hope it will be usefull for people who loves the idead of the DriverPacks, and do not undertand much of tecnichal english.

maybe it can be re-viewed and available on the next release of DP Base, too.

hope you enjoy.


Re: New lang file for DP Base - Brazilian

Please check the stickies in the Translations forum for what you should do next!

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Re: New lang file for DP Base - Brazilian

Spanish and Portuguese are similar, I might be able to assist.

Check out the Spanish.lng file for any descriptions trouble you have trouble figuring out, it might help... I did the same with the French.lng

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