Im talking about 6.XX versions... Ive been using the SFC patch ever since I figured out it speeds up Windows Install and ever since my modem driver has been installed with no probs

Before it installed but not all the features were present (it was not v92 compatible)


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mr_smartepants wrote:

Thanks Rick,
Glad you enjoyed it.  You gotta keep these things fun.
Can't wait to hear your translation.  smile

Ohh so you want it translated


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Very fun tutorial smile

Let er Rip ROFLMAO


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Copy your XP CD-Rom files to a folder on your HDD and download the DriverPack you want Slipstreamed and put them into the driverpacks folder of the extracted DriverPacks Base executable
Now open DriverPacks Base and browse to your CD files on your HDD and use the default settings
Just keep clicking Next till you get to the overview page and simply click Slipstream button and your DriverPacks will get added to your CD

Use a separate program to make it bootable and burn to a CD or DVD


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Simply Integrating The SimHei font will let IE display the Chinese chars...

When you use my Vista RTM fonts addon this happens... Its a really cool side effect wink


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I highly recommend DriverBackup for driverpack making.
I use it for my custom personal Driverpacks, if you leave the uncompressd driver installers folder somewhere on your C: Drive it will grab everything, I mean EVERYTHING! even the x64 driver files that were not installed on your PC

Here is a Beta of version 2 that does not use .Net 1.1 wink

MSFN Forum Topic:

Rado is not a spamer... Hes just an addon maker, not like hes asking for money or anything... Hes just posting his addons, I don't see anything wrong with this post

I have a modem driver thats not signed so it requires you patch windows file protection in order for it to install


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Make your own is another option... Its easy

Use this tool … 60&hl=

It happened to me right out of the box, on first run. BTW I should mention im using only 3rd party DriverPacks

Same error with me here...

Did you add it to this one?

I don't see my search box glowing, sorry I don't know anything about making websites, I just learned to make FF search plugins and I discovered this little trick the other day

Hey Bâshrat the Sneaky I made a search plugin for the Forum I hope you like it and upload it for everyone

Download (For Site Admin Only)

Upload DPsBase.ico (icon modified by me w/ extra 16x16) and DriverPacksSearch.xml to your server
Add the following html code to the Forum and/or Main web page

<link title=" Forum" type="application/opensearchdescription+xml" rel="search" href="HTTP://_URL_TO_/DriverPacksSearch.xml">

Installing the Search Plugins Tutorial

P.S. Dont forget to edit the Search.xml file to point the Firefox browser to the .ico file on your server, currently it points to the one I used for testing on my ftp site

Just saying thanx for the modem and VM packs... Nice job

Helmi wrote:

Heh, it was merely a small translation so I guess that's why most of us where so fast (plus the fact that you initially told us it was very little work so one one was scared wink).
Still, great to see most folks are still around regularly so they can respond on even such minor issues ASAP!

But I still do mine over by grabbing Bâshrat the Sneaky English.lng file and re-doing it all over again, just to be sure there is no incompatibilities in my Spanish.lng

Off Topic: How about in the future something like E-Mail Notifications to all team members that theres a Update Commimg soon?

Updated Spanish

DAM! I missed it, im too late sad

The latest Releases are in NEWS

Here is a direct link


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Feliz Happy New year


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Thank you Bâshrat the Sneaky


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A while back I did a Tutorial thats super easy for n00bs with links to Driver tools and 3rd Party Bâshrat the Sneaky DriverPack layout


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Don't delete anything

The Default Method 2 is best

Use the Base just before you make the ISO

So its nLite or RMV Integrator First and DriverPacks Base always last smile

Shorten the Original names to something smaller, just to be on the safe side, and try IcemanND's Driver Backup its really cool, you can find a CPL addon for it here also

And YES your folder placements look good wink


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May I sugest to change the download link to go to softpedia and get the Base