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HP Broadcom Wifi DriverVer=03/09/2012, Vista-7 WHQL updated
here --> big_smile
readme -->

I think I found a bug/typo in the INF file's uninstall section

UnregisterDlls	= 
BCMIHVUI.regsrv.NTamd64, BCMIHVUI.regsrv.NTx86

I also ran the installer and found the files in %temp%, good thing that the drivers are already extracted so you dont need this program to get them out

Tried /b<subfolder> switch but this only works on InstallShiled installers with msi base install

Created SendTo installer for this


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Is it possible to get a direct link for the Sony synaptics driver package?

I can only find

Edit: BTW some updates

HP 02/23/2012,
Toshiba 12/22/2011,

NEW! SendTo Installer

Here is something you guys might find useful, It comes with InstallShield (used to extract drivers/files from installers with files)

Here is a link to the installer, I extracted the files from InstallShield 2012 Spring w/ SP1 (may also require Visual C++ 2008)


For unattended install

<installer>.exe /SILENT

<installer>.exe /VERYSILENT

Other options:
Instructs Setup to initially check the Don't create a Start Menu folder check box on the Select Start Menu Folder wizard page.

Do NOT! install "Help files" components. (If a component name is prefixed with a "!" character, the component will be deselected.)

Deselect all tasks, then select the "desktopicon", "sendtoicon" and "quicklaunchicon" (Vista & under) tasks. (Use the /MERGETASKS parameter instead if you want to keep the default set of tasks and only select/deselect some of them.)

Keep the default set of selected tasks, but additionally select the "desktopicon" tasks. (If a task name is prefixed with a "!" character, the task will be deselected.)

The reason you need this new version is because neither the old version nor universal extractor can extract the files from the archives created with newer versions of InstallShield


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Yes there were tons of spam, hope its less now

Edit: LOL they just asked me what planet I am from when I posted this


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I guess you could make some sorta driver "true addon" or $oem$ structure that copies the INF file to the %WinDir%\inf dir and the other files to the "%WinDir%\Driver Cache" that you then integrate with nLite or RVMi (I am not sure weather the CAT file needs to go in inf or driver cache so the inf finds it)

Maybe it will work if you copy all the driver files to the Driver Cache dir, who knows worth a try


(31 replies, posted in 3rd Party Vista / 7 DriverPacks) thing I notice is the one you post has allot less and different hwids

Maybe it would be a good idea to add both for more hardware support


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New Synaptics

Sony: … 1-0041.ZIP

Windows 7 users dont need a BASE when there is already WAIK, all you need are the 6.1 DriverPacks that m_s keeps updated


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I don't drink or smoke "cigarettes" (if you catch my drift)


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You can also find the latest lenovo/ibm synaptics driver on station-drivers


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Why arent the spammers banned and their useless post deleted?


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Sony x64 only
Sony both (this is the latest x86 version I could find)

What is your hardware id ms?

You can install any of these drivers on any Synaptics device using the setup, but for integration to work you have to use the specific OEM driver for your PC (the one with your hardware id)


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Adding only one generic (or OEM vendor) Synaptics is no good, you have to integrate the specific OEM driver for your machine otherwise the default Windows touchpad driver will install...yes there is a generic hwid for all but the Windows driver wins out every time

If you want I can give you the latest I have from these 4 vendors:



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Feliz cumpleaños

XP sysprep may suck but its a different story Vista and Windows can pre-install apps and do all sorts of things


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OMFG I hope he does not show up on WinCert asking me questions big_smile


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This is kinda off topic but the tittle of the topic got me thinking...would it be cool if the base could look if the .torrent extension in the registry what program is associated and automatically launched the torrent client with the cmdline to add the .torrent file and begin dl?

Example it would see if .torrent extension is installed and what is used to open it here in the registry


It sees its installed and uTorrent is the program, so it looks in the registry for uTorrent key for the cmdline

@="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\uTorrent\\uTorrent.exe\" \"%1\""

Then the BASE downloads the <dp>.torrent and opens utorrent with a path to the .torrent file

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" "<path_to_file>\<dp_torrent>.torrent"

uTorrent launches and the dp.torrent is added (and wouldn't it be gr8 if there were switches to add a save path that would save it in the \DriverPacks folder tongue)

Edit: aparently there IS a way to specify a save path yikes

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" /DIRECTORY "<path_to_folder>\DriverPacks" "<path_to_file>\<dp_torrent>.torrent"

But it may not be practical, may differ for every torrent client out there hmm


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Feliz Cumpleaños Bâshrat the Sneaky


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Here is a gr8 site for searching for OEM drivers sorted by Hardware ID

And here is a good one called WikiDrivers

Last but not least Station-Drivers to see the very latest news on driver updates


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I dont understand

Edit: nevermind

I think you have to create or add your driver to a .INI