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NEW! SendTo Installer

Here is something you guys might find useful, It comes with InstallShield (used to extract drivers/files from installers with files)

Here is a link to the installer, I extracted the files from InstallShield 2012 Spring w/ SP1 (may also require Visual C++ 2008)


For unattended install

<installer>.exe /SILENT

<installer>.exe /VERYSILENT

Other options:
Instructs Setup to initially check the Don't create a Start Menu folder check box on the Select Start Menu Folder wizard page.

Do NOT! install "Help files" components. (If a component name is prefixed with a "!" character, the component will be deselected.)

Deselect all tasks, then select the "desktopicon", "sendtoicon" and "quicklaunchicon" (Vista & under) tasks. (Use the /MERGETASKS parameter instead if you want to keep the default set of tasks and only select/deselect some of them.)

Keep the default set of selected tasks, but additionally select the "desktopicon" tasks. (If a task name is prefixed with a "!" character, the task will be deselected.)

The reason you need this new version is because neither the old version nor universal extractor can extract the files from the archives created with newer versions of InstallShield

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

Nice.  Thanks.

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

Speaking of Universal Extractor;  here's a slightly newer version than the official: smile
                          original -->
& a newer one by  here -->
& the latest one (site in russian) by gora here -->
To obtain the latest, one must join the forum, i believe. sad
Universal Extractor 1.6.1 Release (build 58)
updated yesterday!! … 5_13-29.7z smile
  notes here --> … 4ec#119718

gora kicks as$!!!

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

.. updated to 1.6.1 (build 59) via --> … 804#121804  big_smile

Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

Created SendTo installer for this

Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

Sobresaliente, mi amigo!

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UniExtract_unofficial was updated to 1.6.1 (build 60), … 676#122676 big_smile

gora wrote:

1 After a recent algorithm changes UE unpack some installers can extract different than the version Before installing the new version be sure to save the old version, and in case of problems with unpacking, unpacking, check the old version and report the results here, attaching a link to the installer problem. "

v1.6.1 (build 58) here --> … 718#119718

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

This installer's not working, yet i yield the same results with '58 & IScabvu.  (Accresso IS 2009 v15) … mp;SC=PA_1

I understand that it is an 'exe and that it won't work with IScabVu, just thought i would make mention, though.
So far, i have to chase down the extracted folders in %temp%.  It doesn't seem to like me working with a package meant for win7 on XP from the log file in %temp%.

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

I also ran the installer and found the files in %temp%, good thing that the drivers are already extracted so you dont need this program to get them out

Tried /b<subfolder> switch but this only works on InstallShiled installers with msi base install

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

The problem with chasing it down in %temp% was not knowing if all files were copied before Setup.exe deleted them upon closing (no user interaction).  That and the original file dates are not retained.
/extract_all and /a and other switches for msi-base do not compute. … mdLine.htm
  7-zip v9.20 doesn't like it either.

Michael Urman from InstallShield wrote:

setup.exe /silent /stage_only ISRootStagePath="c:\tmp\temp"

This returned the following log, and no files output to the desired location.

bcmwl.log from %temp% wrote:

Installation log file for "Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter".
Log Starts on Date: 4-28-2012 Time: 12:29:26
12:29:26: GetOSInfo(): Detected Windows XP
12:29:26: InstallShield script aborting.
Log ends on Date: 4-28-2012 Time: 12:29:26

Hold the press,

Motes wrote:

IsXunpack.exe setup.exe
This can be done programmatically through ShellExecute()
from … -setup-exe

This worked like a lucky-charm when placed in the same folder as setup.exe.  (IsXunpack.exe from C:\Program Files\Universal Extractor\bin)  Unfortunately, this doesn't preserve original file dates either.
  I wonder why it is that UE doesn't work for this.  Perhaps gora knows.
  I will make note of any other driver installers i find that resist extraction; to aid the UE branch.

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

Etron's installer for USB 3.0 driver support resists extraction with UE.  Both 0.111 & 0.112 versions are available to DL directly from the OEM.
  here --> …
& here -->

They are both Acresso and/or InstallShield v16.0.0.328 installers with an msi-based install.
  IsXunpack.exe doesn't work, either.  However; Setup_0.112.exe /b"C:\temp" works in Command Prompt.
  Note that i have not tried this with UE
Please pass this on to gora (if not already known) if you have time & the desire to do so.

BTW, the installer with "SendTo" worked well. smile

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Re: [Tool] SendTo InstallShield Cabinet-Log File Viewer

Updated with files from InstallShield 2012 Spring SP1 (a.k.a. v19.0) also updated the installer to use inno vs 7zip sfx

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