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I have been having problems getting a mouse to work on my new Vista computer.  I've tried 3 different ones, one of which was Vista ready, and none worked.  All three mice worked on other computers, both XP and Vista.  Will this driver pack cure my woes?  Need help badly, can't stand touchpads!  And there isn't a tech store anywhere here in Iraq to which I can go.  Thanks for any help you can give me.


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Wich mouse you have?

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toshiba basic USB optical mouse, no special features.  Advertised as Vista ready.

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Hmm i realy dont know, it should be detected by Vista, or it needs a special driver.

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Updated to 10.03
- 1 Elantech TouchPad Driver

- 1 VMware Pointing Device
- 2 Synaptics TouchPad Driver
23 Mar 2010
- Elantech\1, Added DriverVer=01/29/2010,
- Synaptics\2, Added DriverVer=02/18/2010,

24th Dec 2008
- Removed, Synaptics Pointing Device (Did not integrate)

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The link in the TS is broken, click Touchpad Mouse x64 for the latest!

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Synaptics Update _

Worked on Windows 8.1 Pro

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Just wanted to point out that when including this driverpack the installers for both hardare vendors (excluding the VM) leave resident programs and startup entries even if the hardware is not present.

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Yes, I've encountered this also.  Very annoying! sad

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Adding only one generic (or OEM vendor) Synaptics is no good, you have to integrate the specific OEM driver for your machine otherwise the default Windows touchpad driver will install...yes there is a generic hwid for all but the Windows driver wins out every time

If you want I can give you the latest I have from these 4 vendors:


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That would be great Rick, thanks!
On my Acer netbook I get both Synaptic AND Elantech utilities installed...and neither work. sad
This setup works great for XP but not Win7.
Back to the drawing board...

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Sony x64 only
Sony both (this is the latest x86 version I could find)

What is your hardware id ms?

You can install any of these drivers on any Synaptics device using the setup, but for integration to work you have to use the specific OEM driver for your PC (the one with your hardware id)

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Thanks Rick, that's awesome!  I'll have to split the drivers back into separate folders.  Win7 doesn't like the fact that driver-signing is broken with this method. sad
My Acer netbook (AO751h) HWID is ACPI\SYN1B20
I'm currently using v15.1.18 from the Aspire Notebook series and works fine.  I'll try your newer one.
I'll download all and rebuild the Third Party DriverPacks for a 11.06 release (soon-ish).

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Updated to 11.07.
Will install the Alps, Elantech or Synaptic control utilities on ALL machines (even without a trackpad).

Temporary download link until Torrents are back online: … 64_1107.7z

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I did a very basic update to this pack:
- 2 ALPS TouchPad Driver (Dell Multitouch) DriverVer=02/09/2011, 7.1207.101.220

should I upload the pack online somewhere?

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Sure, we (I) have been using mediafire for hosting the testing packs.
See if you can figure out why the synaptic/elantec/alps utilities are getting installed on desktop machines.  It's been driving me nuts.


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Can the ThinkPad drivers be added from this thread ?

Most important is UltraNav Driver Synaptics (32 bit and 64 bit) - … MIGR-66898


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Updated to 11.10


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UltraNav Driver Synaptics (32 bit and 64 bit) - … MIGR-66898

Also please add these

TrackPoint Driver (for systems with TrackPoint Only ie no TrackPad) (64 bit) - … MIGR-67941

UltraNav Driver 2 for Windows 7 (64-bit), Vista (64-bit) - ThinkPad R61 (Type: 8914, 8918, 8919, 8920, 8927, 8928, 8929, 8930, 8932, 8933, 8934, 8935, 8936, 8937), R61i (Types: 8918, 8932), R500, X300, X301 - … MIGR-72368

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Here's what I have in my working copy.  I'll try to finish testing this weekend.
Does anyone have any additional requests?
BTW, the reason I put the Alps\6 folder in the "Vista only" section is because the .inf states this:

; Alps Pointing-device Driver for Windows Vista Installation

Mar 2012  (12.03)
Changed folder layout to split drivers by OS. Optional: Delete the OS folder you're not using (ie. For Win7 installs, you can safely delete the "Vista" folder.)
All = Drivers that work with all NT6 OS
Vista = Drivers that are meant for Vista only.
Win7 = Drivers that are meant for Windows 7 only.

- Added - (All)ALPS\5 ALPS TouchPad Driver (Generic) DriverVer=12/20/2011, 7.109.411.103
- Added - (Vista)ALPS\6 ALPS TouchPad Driver (Lenovo) DriverVer=11/30/2009, 7.202.1616.206
- Added - (All)Cypress\1 Cypress Keyboard & Trackpad (Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook)  DriverVer=02/21/2012,
- Added - (All)Lenovo\1 Lenovo TrackPoint Driver  DriverVer=10/28/2011,4.73.1
- Updated: - (All)Elantech\2 Elantech TouchPad Driver (Samsung) DriverVer=03/15/2012,
- Updated: - (All)Elantech\3 Elantech TouchPad Driver (Acer/Gigabyte) DriverVer=12/21/2011,
- Updated: - (All)Synaptics\Asus\ DriverVer=02/09/2012,
- Added: - (All)Synaptics\Dell3\ DriverVer=06/09/2011, (newer models)
- Updated: - (All)Synaptics\HP1\ DriverVer=12/01/2011, (lots HWIDs)
- Updated: - (All)Synaptics\Lenovo\ DriverVer=12/23/2011,
- Updated: - (All)Synaptics\Samsung\ DriverVer=03/31/2011,
- Updated: - (All)Synaptics\Sony\ DriverVer=07/25/2011,

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Is it possible to get a direct link for the Sony synaptics driver package?

I can only find

Edit: BTW some updates

HP 02/23/2012,
Toshiba 12/22/2011,

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Thanks for the links!  I can't remember where I grabbed the Sony ones.  I think it was from their new 14P ultrabook but I can't remember.

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"The program will upgrade the update of the touchpad drive (Synaptics) _ version and adds a new function:
Change some of the button functions. "

Sony Synaptics v15.3.2.5
   ...also here … 55561_5995
   & here

Had ye not read it? smile

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