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Not me, I died


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Feliz Cumple


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Very cool


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Here you go http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=5336


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Happy X

Really great tool


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And to return the drivers to the original extracted state you could use 7z.exe

for /f %X in ('dir/b *.*_') do 7z e %X & del /f /q %X


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WOW! very sorry to hear about your accident Jaak, hope you recover further

I did a pnputil add driver test with compressed .ax_ (.ax) and .ex_ (.exe) and had no problems

BTW try this command, it does not have the renaming problem

for /f %X in ('dir/b *.dll *.exe *.sys') do makecab %X & del /f /q %X

Add more extensions as needed


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Wow this is an excellent idea, this should save me some space in my driverpack

Would be cool if it worked with the driverstore

Depends on your operating system, but if you have Vista or above you can simply go to C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository and sort it by date, your current drivers should move to the top


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Thanks for the Alcor driver TD

Edit: for the icons its easy, just need to copy (with DP INI) AmIcoSinglun.exe and amicosinglun.ini to a folder (system32 could work) and "reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run /v AmIcoSinglun /d <INSTALLDIR>\AmIcoSinglun.exe /f"

Updated with files from InstallShield 2012 Spring SP1 (a.k.a. v19.0) also updated the installer to use inno vs 7zip sfx

Try these out


97.34 (2006-11-21) are the latest WHQL and there are a couple 17x betas from 2008 that seem to be compatible

BTW this reminds me, I have a personal SaveHwids updated with devcon.exe v6.2.9200.16384 if anyone (maybe the original creator) is interested in grabbing it and adding it to his/her tool

MD5: 2932f65db5551afb17715e1128c0fb4e


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These are the extracted Logitech (removed duplicate Logicool INF's) drivers from Setpoint 2.52



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LOL its like they are taunting you


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310.70 english desktop drivers integrate and are installed just fine here


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Its not an error on your end its a well known problem, touchpad drivers are tricky that way

You may have to create a driverpack for each machine, this way the correct touchpad driver is installed


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compstuff wrote:

I'm actually having lots of problems with my pack... it didn't work on my latitude 6420 or my test Vostro 3550

Did the drivers integrate into your image?

Or did they integrate but did not install?


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compstuff wrote:

Thanks... I need to get more experience on this anyway because I really need to learn how to update these WIN7 packs.

You can gain allot of experience making your own personal DP, with only your drivers and nothing else (this is what I do)


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compstuff just because the driver did not have the html's could be because it was an older version that did no have them to begin with, you should look in the SourceDiskFiles section for a list of needed files

BTW a quick way to test the driver (also to leave the junk files behind) is to use pnputil to "add" the driver to your current machine

pnputil -a <filename>.inf

The driver is added to %WinDir%|System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\, here you can them copy this folder and delete the PNF file and voila, you have a driverpack

The latest 1.6.1 drivers suck too, the 1.6.0 were better IMO because they included enroll.exe


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Where do you go to find drivers on the Atheros.com site?

Good stuff m_s


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Sony Synaptics Touchpad

ftp://ftp.vaio-link.com/PUB/VAIO/ORIGIN … 8-0042.EXE


Now Sony are finally on v16

ftp://ftp.vaio-link.com/PUB/VAIO/ORIGIN … 9-0042.EXE

Its a bug because its not on the same line

Either of these would be correct:

; Place on same line as UnregisterDLLs=
UnregisterDlls	= BCMIHVUI.regsrv.NTamd64, BCMIHVUI.regsrv.NTx86

; Or use a backslash to indicate to move to next line
UnregisterDlls	= \
BCMIHVUI.regsrv.NTamd64, BCMIHVUI.regsrv.NTx86

But its only a minor bug that will only affect uninstall