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mr_smartepants wrote:

Your HWID is the only one still active in DriverPack Graphics B\I6\.  All the other HWIDs are commented out so it won't conflict with other drivers. 
The Intel driver newsposter mentioned doesn't include yours...sorry.
In fact, your HWID is the only reason I keep \I6\ around in the DriverPacks.  It's not supported in any other Intel download.
If WU/MU shows a driver newer than 2005, please let me know.  I have a tool you can use to extract the newer drivers (if found).

BTW, the reason you get the "Yellow Triangle of Doom" is because I hacked up the .inf and driver signing is broken.  You wouldn't see that if you integrated these DriverPacks into your source, only when you run DPinst from the desktop.

Good to know...next CD I make will integrate that...now to figure out why I have no sound and no yellow triangles...

Love the work here...thanks a lot ;^)


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Wasn't so much a "Latest" driver issue....the one from Windows Update says released in 05...so just looking for working after a DP_Install_Tool.cmd run. I get the Yellow Triangle of Doom in the Device Manager after a run right now is all. Like I said...not a huge deal, just posted more for information purposes.

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Reading this at work while another machine updates and I had to walk away to wipe the tears from holding the laughs in...and that line topped it off...you are my newest hero!


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I run the auto installer on one of these after using a generic XP SP3(With Chipset and Network drivers nlited in) disc first thing when I get into Windows, and I always have to go to the Windows Update to get the Video driver to recognize...not a huge deal, but would be cool if squeezed in a future update :^)


From WU
Driver Update for Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller