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hey, it's just one stroke of a key wink

anyways, hope this mess gets cleaned by nVidia soon


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about nVidia mess, I just came up with this idea. I don't know how hard it'd be to implement it, so forgive me if this sounds like waste of time.

basically most problem lies with same HWID being shared by nf3 and nf4 solutions. (nf2 is fine right?)

then how about create two separate packs for nf3 and nf4, and integrate it to xp cd.

During install, if any one of those trouble HWID comes up, Setup prompts (like cmd window) for user input.   "Press 1 if you have nf3, press 2 if you have nf4.. etc)

User will input what setup they have, and the setup will call appropriate drivers.

Just my thoughts smile

a question to Bash. Since R92xx or below cards support have been discontinued from v6.6 , how are you going to coop with this change?


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I'd like to be on the beta tester smile

I make UA_XP cd for every version. Home, Prof, and MCE .. if that helps


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a wiki w/ required approval sounds ok.

but rather than to tie you to the approval hassle, how about create a voting poll after an edit has been made. if first 3-5 people who sees the edit approves it, it gets listed.

If that idea is too complicating to employ, then i guess custom website would be nice smile


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Yep, SoCal is literaly BLAZING right now.

Ok, It seems that the fault was not VMware driver, rather something that involves video card driver (or maybe Plug-n-play monitor)

because I just confirmed the error occurs whenever Video driver is picked up by windows.  I just did clean install on my laptop and the problem was at it again, I reinstalled it w/out DP_graphic, and all the services starts tongue

perhaps this is some incompatibility between so many things I integrate (Ryan's DP, nlite, xpize, etc etc tongue)

ok, it's safe to close this thread.

after 8 hr testing. found out the problem was at vmware driver that I downloaded from ryan's forum. tongue

thx for your support bash.

Ok, so you want me to start from 'clean sp2' disc? or disc with all other Updatepack integrated, and then integrate your DP one by one?

fyi, I did not use DP_Mass for quite some time now.

just reinstalled with ryan's 207 and latest DP, and it seems that the problem not only lies with uxtheme.dll but with other services as well. (like WIA, and WZC for wireless connection)

they are all 'stopped' and I have to manually start it.

yes Xable's UP is what i meant. wink

test was done with Vmware 5.5 as well as toshiba 5206 laptop (p4-mobile setup), as well as dell inspirion 8500.

run the fnsh_log.cmd from WPI.

you should also be more detailed as it's hard to understand what you mean by 'running DP from WPI'  WPI calls out commands. I can hardly imagine calling out DP from WPI.

ok, very weird problem

it is, whenever I use DP (all latest), and slipstream it to XP Home, Theme service is not started and I have to manually start it.

I installed before applying DP, and theme service starts automatically.

after slipstreaming DP, theme service is not turned on on first logon

very weird thing is, under same circumstances, it works fine with XP Professional.

I used Ryan's DP, as well as tried Xable's lite DP. I don't think it's the DP's error, rather some incompatibility with DP and other pack because it works with every addon and nlite w/out Bashs' DP.

if anyone have same issue, plz share

Current structure of DP_Sound is very good. DP_SOund_A has Creative, nvidia,realtek, and via which I believe most desktop users use.

But with increasing size of Creative series, I suggest a separate Series (DP_Sound_C ) for Creative alone.

reason is, I use your DP to make a CD that I use to install to customers, but I rarely see 'regular-home-users' with creative sound card. they rather use onboard [which is mostly realtek, or nVidia (and that's why I just can't uncheck DP_Sound_A because it contains realtek and nVidia along with creative)] and extracting those bloated creative drivers at beginning takes toll on many machines. (not all people have top-end athlon machines smile

if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to request a separate sound-pack only for creative .

thanks always.