Topic: [NOT APPROVED] addition of DP_Sound_c requested.

Current structure of DP_Sound is very good. DP_SOund_A has Creative, nvidia,realtek, and via which I believe most desktop users use.

But with increasing size of Creative series, I suggest a separate Series (DP_Sound_C ) for Creative alone.

reason is, I use your DP to make a CD that I use to install to customers, but I rarely see 'regular-home-users' with creative sound card. they rather use onboard [which is mostly realtek, or nVidia (and that's why I just can't uncheck DP_Sound_A because it contains realtek and nVidia along with creative)] and extracting those bloated creative drivers at beginning takes toll on many machines. (not all people have top-end athlon machines smile

if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to request a separate sound-pack only for creative .

thanks always.

Re: [NOT APPROVED] addition of DP_Sound_c requested.

You can always make your own pack.

Re: [NOT APPROVED] addition of DP_Sound_c requested.

Won't be applied. It's good as it is now. And just for your information: there are also motherboards with onboard Creative APU's wink.

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