This reminds to a old story: a timing error at boot

Boot ubcd4win, open disk management. Is hard disk listed?
Assign a drive letter.

TechDud wrote:

any driver greater than the official RST 11.2 has yielded me "file corrupted" fatal stops in pre-partitioning textmode yet i have not tried every revision nor any of the 13.x branch.  Every one of the executables have been STORPORT based, and therefore should not work on anything less than Server 2003.

This offers another option. Exploring the limits

2003 Storport 5.2.3790.4163 works at XP SP3 files.
Copy and paste the file storport.sys to BartPE XP system32\drivers

BartPE loads the driver iaStorA.sys Version:
And displays the hard disk connected to PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2929&CC_0106 … rodId=3449
This driver refers to Windows 2003.

Contrary Version: … ldID=23496
This driver refers to Windows Server 2008 and up.
BartPE complains iaStorA.sys as corrupt.
It's not compatible to 2003 storport.sys or another reason.

I don't like to go this way. As long as there are XP compatible drivers, use XP drivers.
If there are 2003 drivers only, this could work in future.

PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_153A&SUBSYS_220E17AA&REV_04\3&21436425&0&C8: Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM

Operating Systems: Windows XP Embedded … ldID=22928

PROEmbSw11\PRO1000\WinXP Related\PCIe\e1d5132.inf(56):
%E153ANC.DeviceDesc%            = E153A,       PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_153A

Thanks for mass storage controller report.
That's another confirmation RST driver v11.2 works at Series 8.

teamsoutheast wrote:

The PE booted up fine but now cannot detect the network adapters. :-(

As far as I know Network Adapter Drivers Version 18.3 are the latest for Windows XP. … ldID=18717
They don't support Series 8 hardware.
Intel don't support this chipset, mass storage, network or USB3.0 at XP.

I don't know a working network driver.

OverFlow wrote:

Looks like DriverPack MassStorage version 12.x may work???
Fernando also has a custom driver that may work. … XP-CD.html
RST driver v11.2 is reported to work (half support) 8-Series chipset.

Can you expand DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1403071.7z
Edit the file DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32.ini at section [I-9]
Add PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8C03&CC_0106 to line ms_1_hwids
And repack the .7z file

Broadbandwizard wrote:

"At PEBuilder select XP source files without integrated MassStorage drivers." Does this mean that I have to strip out the OEM source files???

Yes, especial OEM mass storage drivers. This gives unpresictable results.
Slipstreaming XP SP3 disables them.

how do I now get the rest of the packs into it (LAN, WLAN)?

Run DriverPacks BASE at BartPE mode too. This creates LAN, WLAN PEBuilder plugins.

Broadbandwizard wrote:

Files are in D:\XPCD\en_winxp_pro_with_sp2\$OEM$\$1\DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32.ini

As for BarPE: Do NOT integrate MassStorage drivers to XP files. Do NOT do this.

Read again DP BartPE Tutorial … lpFile.htm
Use DriverPacks BASE at BartPE mode to create PEBuilder MassStorage plugin.

At PEBuilder select XP source files without integrated MassStorage drivers.

BroadbandwizardWarning wrote:

File "nvraid.sys" not found

As for BArtPE building use XP files with a SP integrated only. No other files, especial no drivers.

DriverPacks BASE did create plugins to add the drivers.

Do not include chipset and not CPU to BartPE.

Post some warning lies from the log file.

TechDud wrote:

I wonder...would these USB 3.0 drivers fit better as MassStorage devices

Yes, that's a good idea.
Windows 7 does support installing from a USB drive.
Reading files from a USB 3 controller/device is faster.
Integrate USB 3.0 drivers to boot.wim.

Be aware: the fun starts smile
Conflicting double driver names and WDFLdr versions ...

tpwc wrote:

loading drivers for the Asix ax88772b or ax88179 USB nics in either bartpe or ubcd?

Do you boot from a CD/DVD or USB storage?

Yes, as indicated alredy WDF is the culpirt.
Windows Driver Frameworks (WDF) and NIC is a new beast.
No hardware to test this.

add WDF driver as a classic plugin.
load NIC card at PNP time, hence the NIC plugin is not required.

Create a file <PEBuilder>\plugins\WDF\wdf.inf

; PE Builder v3 plug-in INF file
; created by cdob

Signature= "$Windows NT$"

Name="driver: Windows Driver Frameworks (WDF)"

;extracted with 7-zip from file - WdfCoInstaller01009.dll:
;Microsoft Kernel-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.9-Win2k-WinXP-Win2k3.exe

;Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime
"txtsetup.sif","SourceDisksFiles","wdfldr.sys", "1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4"
"txtsetup.sif","SourceDisksFiles","wdf01000.sys", "1,,,,,,4_,4,1,,,1,4"
"txtsetup.sif","BootBusExtenders.Load","wdf01000", "wdf01000.sys"
"txtsetup.sif","BootBusExtenders","wdf01000", " ""Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime"",files.none,wdf01000"

Extract files wdfldr.sys and wdf01000.sys. Copy both files to <PEBuilder>\plugins\WDF\files\

Add the DP_LAN package too.

Test this.

If this fails, then edit the driver inf files, remove the WDF coiinstaller lines.

SteveSi wrote:

driver for 8086 2829. The fact that I am testing on a VM is irrelevant.

Well, there is a history at VirtualBox 8086 2829.
Newer iastor driver version failed in the past, appearantly Intel dosn't support a VirtualBox device officially. … d-drivers/
Back then iastor.sys 7.8 is recommended for a VirtualBox 8086 2829.
Newer Intel drivers works at real Intel hardware 8086 2829.

real1elmo wrote:

My question is whether fix_7hdc can also handle Windows 2008 (not R2)?

Dosn't Windows 2008 (not R2) relate to Vista?
I've no idea, if a Windows 7 dism works at Vista files or at Windows 2008 (not R2) files.
May work or fail, it's not supported.

cactus wrote:

I have some problems during installation.

During drivers installation i get an error "\device\harddisk2(3-4-5-6)\dr2(3-4-5-6)" not found
I have five cardreaders port in my workstation. I guess that the problem is due to them.

Yes, 'if exist' gives this error at a empty cardreader.
Use 'dir &&' instead. This avoid error at empty cardreader.

To be adjusted

setlocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion

for %%i in (C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) do (
  set InstallWIM=%%i:\sources\install.wim
  dir !InstallWIM! >nul 2>&1 && (
      echo. &echo found Install.wim !InstallWIM!
      set CDROM=%%i:
      goto :Found_CDRom)
echo. &echo error: \sources\install.wim not found
goto :eof

echo Found CD-Rom as drive %CDROM%
::Begin hotfix install

abramoff wrote:

Test pack 1303211 failed with 7e on both computers.

7e is a false driver or a driver conflict at Intel mass storage controller.

Can you add testing plugin? Do you use a NTFS partition?
Then add plugin\\MassStorage\Z_MassStorage_addon.inf

Signature="$Windows NT$"

Name="Driver: adjust Masstorage"

"txtsetup.sif","HardwareIdsDatabase","PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C3&CC_0104", """iastor3"""

"txtsetup.sif", "SCSI.LOAD", "megasr" ;possible conflict PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27c3*
"txtsetup.sif", "SCSI.LOAD", "MegaIDE" ;possible conflict PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27c3*

jcharaoui wrote:

I'm using Windows XP SP3 files.

Do you use a SP3 vanilla version?

Unfortunately I can't easily boot to the CD recovery console because it requires special drivers for the AHCI SATA controller.

Which hardware do you use? Motheboard and CPU, do you add a graphic card?
Can you change BIOS to IDE emulation mode?

As for testing purposes:
load drivers from a USB floppy and boot to recovery console?
Can you install XP to this hardware?

Did you add graphic card drivers to BartPE? Do not do this.

jcharaoui wrote:

I use DriverPacks BASE to integrate MassStorage and LAN drivers into BartPE, using PE Builder. This has always worked great : never came across an unsupported PC.

But now with the new Intel Sandy Bridge (i3/i5/i7) architecture, there is a new challenge. When booting our normal BartPE system, this fatal error appears : Stop 0x000000B4 The Video Driver Failed to Initialize>

I understand:
you did not include graphics drivers, but get 'The Video Driver Failed to Initialize' anyway.
Which windows files do you use? Can you boot to recovery console using this windows CD?

Damnation wrote:

If we need those registry keys in the txtsetup.oem for this IOHSATA driver to work properly will this require a edit?

Yes, if keys are required, then is a possibility.

IOHSATA is a scsiport.sys child driver.
Nvgts.sys is another one. This one requires PnpInterface settings.

Compare PnpInterface: … 325#p30325
This is textmode boot only.

You have to add settings to hivesys.inf too.


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Plexusamb wrote:

BIOS settings - AHCI or IDE

Which result do you get at IDE mode and a plain XP 32 bit CD ?

Plexusamb wrote:

how do you inject the DP?

Use DriverPacks BASE


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Damnation wrote:

so an entry in txtsetup.sif shouldn't be required 

They will still need to be present in the I386 folder of XP source though, to prevent "File not found" errors with XP textmode install.

Once again: why do you like to add VIA USB3 drivers?

Do you like to boot from a internal CD drive.
And load VIA USB3 drivers gui mode PNP?

Do you like to install XP from a device attached to a VIA USB3 controller?
What about textmode part? Do you get a BSOD 0x7b that way?
What about first reboot, reading files from a device attached to a VIA USB3 controller?
That's before gui mode PNP driver loading.

Verify this at real VIA USB3 hardware.


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Damnation wrote:

I wanted to test run the VIA USB 3.0 driver INF in my VM

Do you use a USB 2 and a USB 3 controller at VMware?

Edit VIA xhcdrv.inf

"Fake VMware USB3", xHC_Inst, PCI\VEN_15AD&CC_0C0330
"Fake Intel USB2", xHC_Inst,  PCI\VEN_8086&CC_0C0320

Be aware:
the driver xhcdrv.sys will fail to load at fake hardware

Flow wrote:

The device id's are VEN_14F1 DEV_50A1 SUBSYS_10280582

Conexant Hi Definition Audio 
Release Date:      9/21/2012 … osCode=ww1 … 307709.exe

The HardwareID dosn't match fully, however it's similar

Good luck.

Damnation wrote:

I use VMware, I assume it would have some USB 3 emulation, haven't checked

VMware Player 5 / Workstation 9 supports a USB 3 controller.


However there is no VMware windows driver. … .html#USB3

Workstation 9 supports attaching USB 3.0 devices to Windows 8 virtual machines.

Damnation wrote:

I've only been testing with a VM, but it seems that the Fresco and VIA drivers are happy without WDFLDR and WDF01000 being referenced in txtsetup.sif at all! (weird?)

Which VM do you use? Does the VM emulate a USB 3 hardware?
Can you test real USB 3 Fresco and VIA hardware?

Does setup copy wdlfdr.sys to hard disk at textmode that way?
What about first reboot from hard disk?
Do you expect to read files from Fresco and VIA USB 3, e.g. expand DriverPacks packages to hard disk.

At least one txtsetup.sif/dosnet.inf  entry is required.
Maybe more. Real hardware testing is required still.

TechDud wrote:

It would be ideal if it were not installed at all if either the Fresco or Via controllers are not present.

The driver usbehci.sys contains a string usbport.sys, it's calls the driver usbport.sys.
usbport.sys is not listed as device service at registry.

The driver usbhub.sys contains strings usbd.sys and wmilib.sys.
Neither usbd.sys nor wmilib.sys are listed as device service at registry.

VIA xhcdrv.sys "WDF Driver for VIA eXtensible Host Controller" contains a string wdfldr.sys.
Fresco flxhcic.inf and VIA xhcdrv.inf installs CoInstaller WdfCoInstaller01009.dll.
WdfCoInstaller01009.dll contains file Microsoft Kernel-Mode Driver Framework Install-v1.9-Win2k-WinXP-Win2k3.exe.
Therefore VIA xhcdrv.inf installs Kernel-Mode Driver Framework at PNP part.
update_winxp.inf copies two files: wdfldr.sys and wdf01000.sys
Non is installed as a service.

I wonder: does USB3 drivers require Wdf01000.sys?
flxhcic.sys is loaded at Textmode with wdfldr.sys only, no Wdf01000.sys.
flxhcic.sys  loads wdfldr.sys at Textmode.

I assume (no relating testing hardware):
wdfldr.sys has not to be a service at registry.
It's sufficient if exist files wdf* at textmode and after first reboot.
There is no need to add single Kernel-Mode Driver Framework.
Kernel-Mode Driver Framework is installed, if VIA  USB3 or Fresco USB3 is installed at PNP part.

One approach: Add one file \I386\WDFLDR.SY_
And edit txtsetup.sif


No other wdfldr addings to txtstup.sif.

The file wdfldr.sys is copied to hard disk.
At USB2 hardware, the driver is not loaded to RAM at GUI mode
At Fresco/VIA USB3 hardware (flxhcic.sys/xhcdrv.sys) loads wdfldr.sys. wdfldr.sys is laoded at USB3 hardware at GUI mode only.

Next approach: Add two wdf files \I386\WDFLDR.SY_ and \I386\WDF01000.SY_.
And edit txtsetup.sif


Can anybody with Fresco/VIA hardware confirm or deny the ideas?