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I really need help to install XP Pro on a new quadcore system since the owner does not want Win7 and is stuck on using Outlook Express. How do I inject the drivers ( SATA drivers )  so XP will recognize my hard drive now?

The system came with Win 7 so I plan to remove Win7 and just use XP.  I removed Win7 but cannot install XP Pro and now stuck on the following error: 

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


Please re-install a copy of the above file.

The XP Pro CD I have appears to let me see the SATA hard drive, but I cannot install XP after the files copy process.

I also tried using nLite and the DP_MassStorage but get the following error:

Line 171 of the INF file \ i386 \ txtsetup.sif is invalid

1. what's the best way to inject the drivers for XP Pro 64 bit system?
2. system specs are for the following platform

Gateway NV75S32u NX.WZ9AA.002 Laptop Computer -
AMD Quad-Core A6-3420M 1.5GHz, 4GB DDR3

3. is there a tool to just extract the drivers from my CD and create a new iso with another XP Pro 64 CD?

I am really stuck on this issue so any help will be really nice.

All of my XP CD's give me the same error message so I am hoping to just create a new CD with the drivers for the SATA hard drive

Re: XP drivers for new system

In the BIOS - is there an option for the hard drives: IDE/SATA/RAID? - If the default is SATA select IDE and try again - the XP installer includes IDE drivers and changing the BIOS should allow you to complete the installation. (At least that method worked here when I installed XP Pro and XP Pro x64 on an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard.)

Re: XP drivers for new system

Which driverpack did you try to integrate? None of the driver packs listed are compatible with x64 xp pro. Even if you get it installed, I'm sure you are going to have a very hard time finding all of the other drivers for x64 xp.
You may want to try loading x32 winxp. You will obviously not be able to take advantage of all of the ram, but I think you would have an easier time to install and get working.

Re: XP drivers for new system

XP 64 never became what it was meant to be.

you should install the xp 32 bit version, so there is a little unused ram XP will still run very fast. very fast.

sounds like he won't miss the 64 bit features anyway tongue.

you can't install the DriverPacks with nLite ... that will defiantly fail.

you could install your specific driver that way (most of the time).

Did you consider that If you have Win7 Pro, Enterprise, or Ultimate, you can install XP Mode and use Outlook Express?. best of both really; keep 64 bit and have OE, plus you keep OEM support.

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Re: XP drivers for new system

BIOS settings - AHCI or IDE
DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1209 - tried using nLite to slipstream XP with this DP
XP Mode does work with Win7
Tried to set up dual boot with Win7 but get the same error

1. I also tried XP 32 bit w/SATA drivers
2. Tried changing BIOS settings

Since this is a brand new laptop, how do you inject the DP?
I only need to inject SATA drivers with XP

It seems if I integrate drivers with a brand new XP iso, this may solve my problem.

Re: XP drivers for new system

Plexusamb wrote:

BIOS settings - AHCI or IDE

Which result do you get at IDE mode and a plain XP 32 bit CD ?

Plexusamb wrote:

how do you inject the DP?

Use DriverPacks BASE

Re: XP drivers for new system

First - my mistake - I should have written: IDE/AHCI/RAID - change it to IDE, XP is supposed to have the drivers.

DriverPacks ARE NOT compatible with nLite - use the RyanVM Integrator instead: and

Re: XP drivers for new system

RyanVM integrator is good for integrating updates, etc.
DP_BASE has been my foundation for integrating drivers.

Whatever you use, please just integrate these two Release Candidate packs for testing, if you agree.

    --> … 725#p50725
    --> … 735#p50735

They are both mature enough that they should be at least "mostly harmless".

Should you attempt to install while in AHCI mode, ensure to install from a CD or DVD (RW).

If still unsuccessful then please post your HWID's (HWID's Tool linked in OverFlow's or my own signature).

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Re: XP drivers for new system

I was finally able to install XP Pro by using the C: partition on this system. It seems that I could not install XP on the D: partition and received the error.

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file.

I will now try to integrate drivers mentioned using DP Chipset since the manufacturer does not have XP drivers.
Since this is a brand new quad core computer I now may be able to dual boot with Win7.  Does anyone have any  with dual boot platform?

Re: XP drivers for new system

Are there any issues with dual boot platform that I need to know about?  I see a few people have mentioned the MBR issue and just dont want to waste time on the set up if the system platform is unstable.

Re: XP drivers for new system

Once you have XP installed the installation of Win7 should cause no problems; it will automatically create a multi-boot menu allowing you to select which OS to boot into at start.