Same error here when called from RVM-integrator

Rambo wrote:

=Would be good if the DriverPack Base had an option to run a command after detection of the CD drive letter and before beginning the extraction process. It would save me from editing the PRESETUP.CMD as below every time I make a change:

These kind of things I do with Fedit.exe, more info here: … =fedit.exe

Could you email me a logo-less version ? Thanks in advance,

Any progress on this or any other progress-indicator ?

Bâshrat the Sneaky wrote:

Yes I used AutoIt, and that was also the reason why it failed to work.

Could it have something to do with filecompression of the executable ?

check the notes in the Mantis manual on how to set it in php … n.time.php

If your not using the advanced settings, try to disable them. You're trying to start a non-existing program after the integration.

Got this error hundreds of times, every time with another length. This bug is introduced by another bugfix in 6.08.5.

Maybe the timezone for the Mantis Bugtracker system can be set a little closer to home.


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Had the same aec6210.sys error. I've renamed all files in the \QSC\wnt5_x86-32_uni_DP_MassStorage_608_textmode folder to uppercase and all works well again.

Hi Bâshrat,

You can sign me up as betatester for this platform, been using your driverpacks for quite some time now on my XP + MCE2005 +ERD multibootdisks. Hope to get it working again soon, but I can feel we're almost there.

Bâshrat the Sneaky wrote:

Well, you must set it to 'disc' when you are creating the settings files.

I do, both my sub-ini's work on there own, but if i check their details on the page after the ini-file selection the OS is detected as none.

Same error here, when I check the details for the "sub"ini-files in multiboot-mode the OS is detected as none. When I use the same ini-file in disc-mode the OS is correctly identified.

Platformdetection should only check the paths given in the ini-files, then it should work. Wrong text at the delete-button is due to an incorrect numbering, it seems that the "settings_settFiles_03" label is skipped.

Platform detection isn't working in RC7. My XP installfolders aren't detected as such, resulting in an error about missing streaming-modules.

The radiobuttons for the multibootdisk-mode is a perfect solution, thanks for the quick fix.

And maybe an option to autostart when you use the DP_Base commandline driven with the "/settings:" switch.

I'm using this method to create my multibootdisk, maybe it is easier to test this way. … 58446.html

RC7 is good, but the text from the remove-button from the ini-fileselection is wrong and there is no export-function. trying it out now.

moesasji wrote:

In other words, this time, both I386 folder were created three levels down.

And by the way, in experimenting with these setups I didn't succed in making use of the DPBAse MBDisc-feature, but I did succeed in messing up the GUI of DPBase....

My i386 folders are also on the third level. The GUI glitch can be overcome by selecting another language and then the wanted language again.

moesasji wrote:

but still no possibility for multiboot-disc creation.... it seems you've hidden this option very well smile I can't find it.....

Same problem here, even after manualy editting the base ini-file to point to 2 other XP ini-files as described in the reference.ini. My vote is for a multiboot-checkbox in the GUI.

found a problem: when exporting ini-files with a existing filename , files get appended to the old files instead of completely overwritten.

Hi Bâshrat,

Can't get multiboot to work. Maybe a checkbox for the multiboot mode would be better, the location should then be the rootfolder for the CD.

How to enable this support in the GUI ?

coucou wrote:

@Houz74: As i wrote here above, I do start DP's integrator on a fresh and official WinXP Pro with NO nLite neither RyanVP applied and still same problem.

Is this official XP directly from CD or from a folder on your Harddisk ?

ricktendo64 wrote:

Use DriverPacks Base Last just before you make the ISO

I always do....

Had the same problem until I ditched my Nlite-tweaks. Start all over and use the integrator to integrate the updatepack. Then you can use the newest driverpacks.


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Thanks. BTW it wasn't a complaint, just a feature request. Been using your packs for some time now and never had a complaint. Reported a HP prtcls.sys error on MSFN june last year, which was quickly corrected by you. So again, no complaints.