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i'm looking forward to trying the 7 integrator smile keep up the great work guys smile


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nice tool smile i look forward to testing it


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i can also test with vista as i have both the non SP1 and SP1 installations tongue

but of a shame that but i know what you mean as i have seen the problems caused at carious times


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good on ya guys! well done

hiya Jt i have tried the previous version (before you reupped it) on a number of machines and not had a prob but i will change to this version just in case smile thanks for the heads up

no worries helmi smile i did try to download it like 5 times lol plus a got a friend to try too tongue i'll bet like you say it wasn't fully upped and i just thought i ewould bring it you yer attention is all tongue

Guys i just noticed that the latest driver pack mass storage is no good so you better take a look at it

it is supposed to be 4.71 MB but i am only able to download it as a 1.04mb file so methinks the file itself is fooked lol

Keep up the great work smile

cheer's helmi smile i got the RC yesterday

well i use the beta of virtual pc 2007 and the custom cds i use and test all work fine no hangs except for that finisher error i mentioned in another thread in support and feedback smile

i have the same error mentioned here in the new 6.12.
I shows up in the method 1 and method 2 installs.
6.10 was fine for me


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well this is a good day for sure.... nice one Wim and to Muiz smile:)

you're doing great work mate smile


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i wish you the best of luck with the future mate and i hope things go great for you mate smile you deserve it for all your hard work


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great work on the forum mate i look forward to help you out when i can smile:) oh and good luck with the exams