Topic: A BIG thanks to all contributors! The VPS has been bought!

This is the full list of contributors to the VPS hosting donation action. A big thanks to everybody who donated!

David Healy $50.00
PG van der Ploeg $25.00
Jaak Doom $25.00
Declan Barry $20.00
Martin A Thomson $10.00
Jason Hart $25.00
Armando Azzol $3.00
Tanner Hart $5.00
Riccardo Coroneo $29.00
paulo daza $20.00
Max Lupton $20.00
Mary Gall $20.00
Christian DAOU of the International Organization for Migration $25.00
Dwayne Bakewell $5.00
Daren DiClaudio $50.00
Chris Reeves of KC TechHeads $140.00!
tony bennett $50.00
Chris Bradshaw $10.00
Eric Wood $5.00
Vincent Dotinga $50.00
Frank Vanderijdt $25.00
Frederik Uyttersprot $16.00
David Bradtberg $25.00
Daniel Moncada Garrido $20.00
Mr J R Richardson $20.00
Martin Helms $25.00
Chad Larson of NetWorks, Inc. $200.00!

Note: If your email had a domain name in it that also linked to a website, I've linked your name to the website. If you want me to add or change a link, contact me. If I exposed your name in the listing or in the comments below,  and you want me to remove it, contact me. Mail to: admin at driverpacks dot net.

And all comments:

Mr J R Richardson wrote:

Thanks for all your efforts and contributions - you've bailed me out more than once with this :-)

Daniel Moncada Garrido wrote:

Thank you for your DriversPack

Frank Vanderijdt wrote:

Glad to help you continu your wonderful driverpack project. c ya, rETi

Eric Wood wrote:

Just wanted to say thanks for setting this up, Bashrat.

Chris Reeves wrote:

Thanks for your hard work.

Dwayne Bakewell wrote:

Excellent work on your Driverpacks. I've been using them for quite a while now alongside the RyanVM Update Packs and I love it.. I'd donate more but my paypal is a little low on funds atm. Anyways, hope this helps out.

Max Lupton wrote:

I've used you stuff a few times and think it's well worth supporting. Thanks for your efforts. Max L.

Jaak Doom wrote:

I think it is useful. And will get better still.

I and the other contributors of this project would like to thank all of you for showing your support! This allows us to take this project to new levels! Watch out for 7.02 DriverPacks and BASE, when they will be released, you will be able to use any DriverPack version with any DriverPacks BASE version! It will also allow you to add your own exceptions without having to update them yourself each time you update the BASE!

The VPS was paid for the full two years, no problems occurred during the payment. I'm currently configuring the server (installing the newest Apache + PHP + eAccelerator + MySQL + Subversion, while optimizing performance by only keeping the necessary stuff in. Of course I'm also keeping an eye on the security). Only when I've tested the server thoroughly, I will move the website to the new server. As the Dutch saying goes: "Haast en spoed is zelden goed." The English equivalent: "Haste makes waste." I'm sure somebody will correct that though tongue.

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Re: A BIG thanks to all contributors! The VPS has been bought!

Oh and if there's someone experienced willing to give me some tips for the server config, let me know!

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Re: A BIG thanks to all contributors! The VPS has been bought!

I would if I could.

Good news that you guys got your VPS too, I'm glad to hear it. smile

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Re: A BIG thanks to all contributors! The VPS has been bought!

I don't know what you spend this bunch of money on, as charges, say USD20 per month per 256Mb RAM account with 512 and 1024 options available. I'm quite happy with those guys.

Re: A BIG thanks to all contributors! The VPS has been bought!

tip: servers work better when you leave them on when you go home! ;-)

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