Topic: Re-detecting drivers w/ Universal Image & Driver Packs

Well I've had semi success with creating a universal company image for multiple platforms, my only concern is this!
I've used Bâshrat the Sneaky Driver Packs with KTD option and so far after imaging 4 complete different PC's everything has turned up PERFECT. My concern is that the after the image is loaded it detects the new hardware and installs the drivers automatically, however I feel this is not a "CLEAN" way doing so! The old hardware drivers installed, how does windows treat them?..

I believe the most efficient way doing this would be to sysprep the PC and have the OS re-check for system drivers on the 1st boot, however I don't have any Idea how to achieve this! Any help on this would be great.!

Re: Re-detecting drivers w/ Universal Image & Driver Packs

You should use sysprep to achieve that wink And if you are already using it, then you are doing it as clean as you can wink smile

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Re: Re-detecting drivers w/ Universal Image & Driver Packs

be sure to use the correct sysprep level though....  read its documentation, to see witch levels there are...

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