Topic: Testing Drivers?

OK, This might be a stupid question....

How do you guys test to see if your new drivers work correctly?
Do you have to format & reinstall a system with the hardware in it to test... or is there an easier way?
I have VirtualPC which I use to test my installs to make sure everything extracts......

Suggestions/Comments/Rude Gestures??


Re: Testing Drivers?

Testing of a driver cant be done on a virtual machine, cause it doesnt emulate your hardware.

Re: Testing Drivers?

Ever since I joined here, I took advantage of machines I had to repair or put together for folks.
If time permitted, I'd hook up a drive or an array, and let a build run its course.
For personal use, it was pure luck I bought some that had chips in which still baffle us.
"Pure luck" or "guided" luck, because the last box I bought, I had read it had jmicron in it.
(the box was intended for sale, but the people whom had me look for a cheap solution, wanted a still cheaper used one, which is not yet freed up.)
That box also happened to have a not yet supported graphics chip, and I spent some time at updating graphics B.. (which tested good here, and I put it up for testing.)

So, in a sense, I try to run as many live tests as possible.
I'll try different modes for mass storage. (with single drives and arrays.)

VPC does have its uses, tho.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: Testing Drivers?

I'm ususally using a seperate testing rig for the task, however, that always means I am limited to testing the HW that's in there.

Before giving it the real go, I will test in VPC, though - just to verify there are no generic, non-driver-specific errors.

If you want to test it on your main machine I can only suggest getting a swappable HDD rack for the task so you can take out the working HDD(s) with all your data on it and put in a testing HDD only.
That way you will not endure dataloss should something go wrong and you can still test it on your very HW it is supposed to run properly on later.
Definately beats using just a second parition because it will leave the MBR unaltered.

Oh, and while we're at it, MS has justreleased the final version of VPC 2007! … c0b40a73b6

Re: Testing Drivers?

Alright, you guys confirmed my thoughts... never hurts to ask. you never know if someone else is using some hidden software gems.

I'd also like to apologize for not being as active as I was in the past, but I am no longer at the PC repair shop... So I pretty much only have access to my couple systems.

Thanks, you guys are great!