Topic: drivers from Windows Update

does DP team use any of the drivers from WU?

found it weird as nobody talks about drivers from WU.

my current method to find for suitable drivers:
current DP stable releases > WU update > OEM website download

Re: drivers from Windows Update

Oh.  Yes, Windows Update, or MicrosoftUpdateCatalog are indeed sources valid for inclusion into any of the DriverPacks.  OEM website download is also acceptable.

Send us a link or two for drivers to be included for MassStorage, Chipset, or LAN, for one of us here to consider including for upcoming nightlies, betas or releases.

Thank you for asking.     smile

Re: drivers from Windows Update

eMachines D525
hardwareid: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_001C&SUBSYS_04281468

i got BSOD before i get this driver for my client. did not notice if i was using latest stable NT6 WLAN dp pack.

took me a while to get the request url.
wireshark for the first time. any other easier way to get link? from catalog

im willing to help as i'll get quite wide variety of hardware from time to time

Re: drivers from Windows Update

There are hundreds of Gigs of driver packages for us to go through to update the DriverPacks.  To ensure your request is implimented, a new topic should be created for each driver request with a [REQ]  prefix in the title.
  If that is a WLAN device, it should be filed under Vista-7(includes W8.x) WLAN.
Here is an example -->

Please post a new topic for that driver.  Thank you again.

Re: drivers from Windows Update

if that is the case, i'll start to spam a lot of new posts on this forum. for those drivers that r either missing or outdated from stable releases and found in microsoft catalog

Re: drivers from Windows Update

it's not spam, that is our system. Once it gets added a mod or admin will re-title your post with [IMP]lemented. big_smile

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Re: drivers from Windows Update

Actually, those [REQ]uests are somewhat generic as they force one to search MSU for drivers based upon the HWID in those links.
Whenever those would be updated, can one really say it is fully implimented when newer drivers will be available via those links later?

For those types of generic links, perhaps they could fit under the title [REQ-GEN] (to become [IMPL-GEN]) or by some other means, to support future pack workers?

Re: drivers from Windows Update

Thanks for the answer.