Topic: Advanced (or Active) USB Hub?

I was about to post several rambling paragraphs about an intractable problem I've got with most USB

My background is in electronics, so I always think about hardware I can buy or build to resolve serious

I don't know if anything like this exists, but are there advanced USB hubs that have active components,
as opposed to most hubs that are basically passive devices?  I suppose a passive hub becomes integrated
with an active component when you plug-in a switching wall-wart power supply, if your device exceeds the
500ma per port limit.

I'm thinking about a printer or other USB devices that require third party drivers from the manufacturer.

I need some kind of "super deluxe" hub that's more than just a passive device.  I apologize because I'm
not certain about what I need to resolve my problem.  Something more than just a basic hub could save
my operating system.

Re: Advanced (or Active) USB Hub?

I don't know why you want an active hub (a switch) vs a passive hub.  Knowing that would help us to help you.
"serious problems" is rather vague...
there are print server devices already... Print server devices on google

those are basically smart USB hubs... does that help?

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