Topic: Silent Driver Installations

Hello, I just happened to find this program after using Driverpack Solutions and was looking for a way to make the DriverPacks tool silent/fully automated.

I have torrented all the required driver pack .7z files and I have them located in my G: drive. I moved the files into the DriverPacks folder (directory before it is the one with the base program).

Is there a bat file or something that I can use to make the drivers install/update automatically? (For Win 7, 8, 8.1, and 10)

Sorry if this may seem ignorant, I'm very new to this tongue

Re: Silent Driver Installations

the first sticky in this forum tongue

or check these (you will notice one of them is driverpacks solution)

I haven't tried this one but BadPointer has been around a while... and it looks promising.
feedback in that thread would be nice if you do try it.

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