Topic: Hello, lost some episode

remove dust from my pebuilder3110a installation and understand that this tool and its community doesn't exist anymore...

Now i've 3 question :
- what happen to this software gem (why stopped)?
- is there any method to use driverpacks (Mass Storage) for BartPE ?
- which BootCD now i can use if BartPE is dead ?

Thank you for any info and help,

PS: i'm searching mass storage driver for 'Intel 8 series/c220 sata ahci 8c02'

Re: Hello, lost some episode

Welcome myspacee,

I still use UBCD4Win (pebuilder - BartPE). It still exists it is just that XP isn't going to change anymore. So there is nothing to do wink. Newer versions of windows require newer versions of PE. Current development, what little there is of it, is based on the newer PE versions. Back then BartPE was a cool hack, now MS distributes PE and tools with its' OS's. So there is no need for someone to manually port it to a usable platform (what PEBuilder does). So PE buiilder died since its not needed anymore.
- Yes it IS a gem.

A method... Absolutely! that is what DriverPacks BASE does.
These instructions are for DriverPacks BASE version 7 but are still valid with BASE version 10.

Which BootCD? There are a few, I haven't found ANY as good as UBCD4Win. It is still the gold standard. Here are some places to look. ! good friends over there, great place to find "info and help".

We got our start over at good friends and an excellent place to get help. became


to name a few.


PS Now the bad news, AHCI may present issues with BartPE. there is a LOT of help here for that (search is our friend)

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