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Shouldn't we have a section for Win10?

I wanted to post info on similar issue with vista and win 7 on a dell laptop with HDMI sound playing up and possible bug in SDI.

Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop, running sigmatel sound card.  I got the free update to Win10 10240 and used driver packs in Snappy driver installer to update everything post install.
I then had issue getting the 10586 update so used media creation tool to force the install of the November release on Win10 its now on 10586.39  I noticed lots of drivers went back to the Windows default ones.
In the mean time Snappy Driver installer was updated to R423 ( which by the way is now on its 3rd update of the driver packs inside). 

Previously SDI was happy to reco lots of new drivers for the Dell 1525.  Since release R423 it shows none as recco updates.  However if you use the advance features there’s an additional option show "worse" (as in less suitable drivers).  It lists all the ones previously available as more suitable but unsigned.  Which doesn't appear to be the case.  All the ones I've subsequently updated are signed.

Yesterday using the 10586.39 version and stock drivers I tried to stream Amazon prime to a Panasonic TV via HDMI.  Just as it had done in Vista and win7 there's no sound.  This is because by default the option to use sound, is not ticked for HDMI Audio.  The issue here is this is not immediately obvious as the ability to do this is never displayed until the Laptop and TV have undertaken a valid handshake protocol (I guess for HDCP).  Once this has happened in Control Panel, Sound options a third device is visible (in my case Panasonic TV) right click and tick “use as default”.  It will then auto switch back and forth between onboard sound (without TV being on HDMI port ), once TV is using same HDMI port, sound is switched off on laptop and comes out on the TV.

However there was a lot of snap crackle and pop on the TV audio (via HDMI).  On earlier versions of windows I’d got sound to function I believe by going back to an older driver.

Default 10586 Win 10 installed drivers I had:

Intel hidef HDMI ver dated 14/12/2009
Sigmatel hidef audio codec ver dated 15/02/2008

Updated Intel to ver dated 15/03/2010,and rebooted, audio crackle over HDMI was a lot worse, remembering older driver was better on vista I wonder if sigmatel lag in the way they do drivers and so the intel one needs to be older ???
Installed the IDT updated driver for sigmatel to ver dated 14/10/2010 rebooted and for 5 mins I thought it had fixed it.  Then it started to crackle but less than any previous configuration, seemed linked to streaming buffering (but it wasn’t buffering so ???)

So updated all chipset and graphics drivers in case this helped.... 
Intel graphic 965 from dated 05/10/12 to dated 27/7/13, after this and chipset rebooted still crackles.

So its possible for the hardware to work just fine, but at the moment under Win10 I’m not there yet.

All drivers I used are signed, but SDI at install says they aren’t.... it seems to be a fault introduced on R423

Re: Win 10 ?

Yes the hardware could be just fine and the driver is totally at fault.
We don't know for sure, but it IS possible.

YES! We should have a section for win 10... Bad Jeff. 

It is still NT 6 - so here is fine and dandy to start with.

I had an issue with insider version of 10 where flash 20 failed Digital Media in Firefox 44.
change any one of the three works fine. all three together - poop.

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Re: Win 10 ?

SDI are busy boys, they've have been releasing updated packs like crazy since Dec, must be 4 revisions of driver packs within the full tool.

Last download was quite a bit smaller, looks like they've been deleting "obsolete" or "duplicate" drivers, however its not working.  Its quite amazing who's winning, as Microsoft are chucking new drivers at win 10 builds left right and centre as well

On said laptop, Jan 2016  I got cypress keyboard driver 24/6/15 worked OK, then I guess from DP_Touchpad_Cypress_16000.7z   offered cypress track pad driver of similar age (both signed).  Touchpad was a disaster and couldn't roll back, pad was 100% dead, had to do restore point and now back running Alps dell driver 20 / 7 / 2011    7.1208.1.1.124 which works perfectly.

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Re: Win 10 ?

Guess what

You are the first post in the win 10 discussion forum big_smile!

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Re: Win 10 ?

I have a problem with windows 10, didn't want to create  a new thread, can you pm me please?

Re: Win 10 ?

Please start a thread and include good details

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