Topic: Why no Driverpacks BASE for Windows 7 ?

I don't understand why the makers of BASE didn't continue making new versions of BASE for the new operating systems ?

For example, it's so easy to add driverpacks to XP, but then with Windows 7 it's tricky LOL.

Why don't they just make a new version of BASE ?

Re: Why no Driverpacks BASE for Windows 7 ?

Older OS's were extremely difficult to add drivers. (read nearly impossible)

Since the release of the NT6 platform most of the hurdles were eliminated.
what used to be almost impossible in XP is a few minutes work for win 7 with Microsoft tools like DISM.

Nobody really apreciated it when we saved them a boatload of work,
how much do you think they will for saving them very little work?
it's hard to get people to work for free doing a thankless job.

not that hard to understand really

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