Topic: Chipset Pack Grayed-Out

Hello!  I'm having a problem with not being able to select the driver packs that I want to slipstream into my BartPE image.

I have downloaded the Chipset 12.09, Lan 12.05, Mass Storage 12.09, and WLAN 12.02 packs.  I copied them to the "DriverPacks" sub directory (with the Base folder).  I did NOT extract them - they are pasted in there exactly as they were downloaded (still as a .7z, didn't even rename the file)

When I launch Base 10.06, the "UpdateChecker for NT5 DriverPacks" detects all 4 driver packs (as well as Base).  On the "Select location of platform screen", I browsed to my plugin directory, and chose BartPE from the options.

This is where my problem occurs... when I click on > to go to the next page, the only packs I can select to slipstream are the LAN and WLAN.  The check boxes for the Chipset and the Mass Storage are grayed out.  However, "DriverPack MassStorage text mode" is active and checked.

I tried re-downlading the Chipset and Mass Storage packs, but I'm still having the same problem.  What am I missing?  I'm creating the image based on Windows XP SP3, and I'm running Base from Windows XP SP3.  Below is the DPs_BASE.log file:

=== Begin DPs_BASE.log ============================================================
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> DriverPacks BASE 10.06 initialized.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> Host environment: WIN_XP Service Pack 3 X86 on a X64 CPU.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> Created temporary working directory.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> Imported proxy settings from Internet Explorer.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> Start scanning for DriverPacks for the wnt5_x86-32 platform.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Chipset 1209!
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack LAN 1205!
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Mass Storage 1209!
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack WLAN 1202!
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT>     Could not detect any 3rd party DriverPacks for wnt5_x86-32.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT>     Finished scanning.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> Detected settings file "C:\Documents and Settings\Jason M. Bull\Desktop\Base\DPs_BASE.ini".
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> wnt5_x86-32_bartpe is the selected installation platform .
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> Imported settings from settings file.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <INIT> [OptionalSettings]\QSC BartPE default (no)    was set.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <GUI>  Initialized GUI.
2015-05-19 19:33:09 : <GUI>  Created a list of all available language files.
2015-05-19 19:33:10 : <GUI>  Set the last used language, English, as the GUI language.
2015-05-19 19:33:13 : <GUI>  Refreshed UpdateChecker with success.
2015-05-19 19:41:57 : <GUI>  Closed GUI.
2015-05-19 19:41:57 : <GUI>  Saved settings!
2015-05-19 19:41:57 : <CLNP> Temporary working directory successfully deleted.
- = DriverPacks BASE ini settings used = -
; preferred language
prefLang    = "English"
; yes/no, enable or disable the wizard-style buttons, if not specified: yes
wizardButtons    = "yes"
; yes/no, enable or disable the GUI, if not specified: yes
GUI        = "yes"

; disc/bartpe/multibootDisc
instPlatform    = "bartpe"
; trailing backslash is allowed, but not necessary
location    = "C:\pebuilder3110a\plugin"
; none/all/select, if select, specify them below, if not specified: all
DriverPacks    = "select"
; 1/2, method to install the DriverPacks, if not specified: 2
DPsMethod    = ""
; GUIRunOnce/RunOnceEx/custom, if not specified: GUIRunOnce
finisherMethod    = ""

; this section is optional!
; none/all/select/paths/patterns, enable or disable Keep The Drivers (KTD) , if not specified: none
KTD        = ""
; <path>, to specify a custom KTD cache location, if not specified: default (%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks)
KTDlocation    = ""
; yes/no, enable or disable QuickStream Cache (QSC), if not specified: yes
QSC        = "no"

; you should only add this section if you've set [Settings]\DriverPacks to "select"
DP_Chipset    = "no"
DP_LAN        = "yes"
DP_MassStorage    = "no"
DP_WLAN        = "yes"
DP_MassStorage_textmode = "yes"
2015-05-19 19:41:57 : <CLNP> Create a DPs_Base.log backup @ C:\Documents and Settings\Jason M. Bull\Desktop\Base\LogFiles\DPs_BASE_15-05-19_19-41.log
2015-05-19 19:41:57 : <CLNP> Program terminated.

=== End File ====================================================================

edit:  I went ahead and let it create the plugins, and it only created directories for BASE, LAN, MassStorage, and WLAN (no Chipset).  No option in the plugins list for PEBuilder either (yes, I refreshed it)

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Re: Chipset Pack Grayed-Out

you are not missing anything.

the only packs needed are mass and LAN, occasionally certain Intel video cards (that don't support VESA). WLAN is select-able but can be problematic. Certain options are grayed out because they don't work.

Mass storage is not selected because it is not slip-streaming to windows, this is correct.
Mass storage textmode is selected because that is what is used at the PE stage of windows, this is correct.

Chipset is not needed. remember this is PE NOT Windows. Sound won't work either tongue.

Think to self; i am running a 16 bit version of a 32 bit OS so only the most basic stuff is going to work. That is not entirely true but it will put you in the correct mindset without a bunch of complicated explanations. This may also help, no PnP in PE wink.

It's a repair tool, not an OS replacement. It is solid and it works.
It will never work the same as windows, close sure, but not the same.

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Re: Chipset Pack Grayed-Out

Thanks for the reply.  I understand it's only a repair tool, I'm familiar with BartPE for a few years.  It seems updates to BartPE have stopped, so while I am updating the software on the image, I figured I'd update the drivers as well. This is my first attempt using directly as opposed to pre-loaded.

I'm curious as to why I can't load chipset drivers, as it may be useful towards troubleshooting hardware issues, or having the drivers on the disk to repair a user's driver issues.  Is it that the Base detects a BartPE image and therefore disables it?  Or is it not yet fully supported?

Thanks for the info!

Re: Chipset Pack Grayed-Out

The lack of development of BartPE and this project for that matter is simple. People who invest a boatload of their time go unappreciated both monetarily and in practice. It is a sad truth that people who want something for nothing do not appreciate getting it. The best way that I can describe it is that they present a false sense of entitlement. This is not motivational for people who invest thousands of hours of personal time. No respect and no money. life is short. Other things to do. Real life is awesome. Hilander999 (the guy who wrote MOST of all the code for UBCD4win is a very good friend of mine. He doesn't even read the forums anymore. Moreover since PE3, 4, 5 are out PE2 is not going to change.

The short answer is there is no PnP in BartPE. I said this in my previous post.
Think DOS, you want to know why you can't load windows drivers in DOS.
I know it LOOKS like windows. It's not, it's PE, it is nothing like windows.
To load chipset requires another plugin called HWPnP by paraglider, HWPnP never progressed to the level that would allow full blown drivers in PE.  UBCD4Win Includes the best version of HWPnP available, but it is still not a replacement for windows PnP. I know what your thinking, load chipset and it will make my service of the machine faster! doesn't work like that. you are still running the 16 bit DOS driver, (mass storage text mode driver). HWPnP's main purpose is to enable basic drivers like WLAN and video.

It is possible to force BASE to do what you want but it will very likely be unstable. I recommend against it.
It is fully supported by DriverPacks BASE, but it is not supported by BartPE and therefore grayed out (disabled).
DriverPacks BASE is, and has been, fully capable of creating plugins for any DriverPacks that DriverPacks BASE supports. They will seem to be disabled until HWPnP or equivalent plugin is created to support them. Many of the packs themselves have already been optimized to create plugins for testing as well. So from a DriverPacks perspective creating the plugins is a snap. Having a stable PE platform is a different story.

Hope that helps

PS I took the time to reply because it is obvious you are not one of the people I described.

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Re: Chipset Pack Grayed-Out

I know that there's newer versions of PE out there, but BartPE just runs so fast on these new machines, without all the fluff.  sigh.  I'll tinker some more, but perhaps it's time to move to a Win 7 based PE.  Thanks for the help.  Just not ready to give up yet.

Re: Chipset Pack Grayed-Out

in the DPs_BASE.ini disable gui and enable all drivers run program... wink

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