Topic: Network status during sysprep command


I have put few commands in my unattend file that will run just before first auto login if i don't say wrong.
In one of these commands, I call a script that run a "net use" to mount a smb share to run driver auto install software but it looks to fail after deploy of the image when it works on the vm used to create the image.

Does someone knows if network is on during this process ?

Thank you.

Re: Network status during sysprep command

Just before first login network function should be available,
you need to have network card drivers installed of course,
(you cant network if your card isn't installed wink)
and the NIC settings appropriate for your environment are set.

- VM ware uses generic / native drivers and none need to be added... So it works

Most of the time live metal will need the network card drivers installed BEFORE you can get to the network... So it fails

You need drivers, to get to your drivers, as silly as that sounds.

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Re: Network status during sysprep command

So I should run a check of network driver and install them if needed before running the "net use" command.
I don't remember needing to install them on any computer i have installed so far.
I'll take a look to make the script that way.

Thank you for your reply.

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