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Hi everyone. New to the forum, and i apologize if i missed the place for this topic, but i suspect i am in a right place.
I just got, my hands on a Logitech cordless rumblepad 2 gamepad. And the first thing i noticed, that unlike  logitech wireless gamepad f710. This does not automatically install support for x360 input.
I downloaded your driver pack "DriverPack Gaming 8.12 for Windows Vista/7" and installed them manually.
My question is: Does this serve the same function as  logitech wireless gamepad f710 drivers that are installed automatically, and do i still need to use x360. emu. for games that require it, like NFS Tombrider 2013. etc  or this driver pack solves that problem.

Thx in advance on any, and all info you can provide.

As i see, no one giving any answers, i tested out few things my self. And without any diss. to dev`s of this driver pack. It doesn't do jack for the issue i asked about. In fact it makes no difference from regular drivers you get just plugging in the pad receiver, and auto. driver install.
At least for Win7 x64 and the Logitech cordless rumblepad 2 gamepad. I cant say for other OS and other game pads.

I know for a fact that logitech wireless gamepad f710 drivers that are auto installed when you plug in the receiver, and the pad is recognized, resolve the x-input issue, for any game that requires xbox controller, and works for any game.
So if anyone, that gets what i`m talking about. And has experience in such things, knows a way to make Logitech cordless rumblepad 2 work in a same way as logitech wireless gamepad f710, without use of "x360 emu" pls. respond to this post.

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Re: DriverPack Gaming 8.12 for Windows Vista/7

We find it easier for everyone when you help us to help you.

Read BEFORE you post. as the name implies is to ensure you understand what that means.

In this case:
the HWIDs of the item(s) we are discussing.
the versions of the drivers we are discussing.
your install process.
is this win7 home, pro, ultimate, enterprise?

based on what content is there it sounds like you would like to force install a driver for a different device. That does not usually work out well. Add some meat (omitted details) to your query

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