Topic: Found a sourceforge project rehosting the Driverpacks … =directory

From what I understand, they aren't supposed to redistribute the packs.

Re: Found a sourceforge project rehosting the Driverpacks


Looks like those are SamLabs fork... the date code file name indicates a 2016 release... IDK

Yes we used to strongly encourage traffic to our downloads, because Page Views make banner ads productive. We used to burn a LOT of traffic and bandwidth too when our releases were current. We are not burdened with huge server bills ATM and newer versions of our packs are floating around out there. People like SamLab who has worked very closely with us over the years, and has updates based on our packs. Wim may disagree but I don't think it is a problem we are concerned about, at least I am not worried right at this moment. 

It's always nice if they give honorable mention

I'll take the DP_ filename as a nod in our direction wink

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