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are the following driverpacks used/working with the driverpacks base program or not?


i`m asking because they don`t have an *ini* file inside, they are extracted in the gui in the windows setup but are they really getting used/installed? or they are just ignored and only be used with sad3?

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Re: Driverpacks-Runtimes

I believe that techdud calls them from the main packs, if they exist...

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The INI entries for those packs are included in the INI for the corresponding main dp

The INI in the main DriverPacks will run the correct / needed files from the 3rd party DriverPack
IF : 3rd party DriverPack AND main DriverPacks are both included.

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Re: Driverpacks-Runtimes

OverFlow wrote:

I belive that techdud calls them from the main packs, if they exist...


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Re: Driverpacks-Runtimes

The routines for runtimes need a major overhault to detect existing, updatable, and missing runtime support.

Outbreaker has already contributed valid solutions for existing detection, btw.

Note that runtimes are currently only installed if an optional package (such as CCC) requires.  If the runtimes are not present, all available optional packages in DriverPacks might not be installed.