Topic: Please credit your sources, BrokenZer0

Note the "*please delete*" topics on WinCert by BrokenZer0.

Some lead to --> … -oct-2014/
see also: … ntry110645

BrokenZer0 wrote:

"Methode Install (HowTo):

1. Download and extract this useful tool: … -130825.7z
2. Create folder D in NT6\x64 and extract the content of the DriverPack to the NT6\x64\D\ folder so that the folder heirarchy looks like this: \NT6\x64\D\*.
3. Start DP_Install_Tool.cmd and follow instructions.

I do wish he would credit that tool's creator, whom is mr_smartepants.

It does appear he has made some good progress towards updated Win8.1 driverpacks. … ta-thread/

IF (it's only rhetorical, i won't be borrowing his work - OEM download only), and only IF i were to borrow BZ's work, i would at least credit him.

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Re: Please credit your sources, BrokenZer0

why not approach us i wonder.....

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Re: Please credit your sources, BrokenZer0

I know, eh?