Topic: How to attach driver to mass storage drivers pack?

I have nvidia 560 chipset. But in drivers pack this chipset missing. It has 590/550/570.

I downloaded this driver from mb web site and it works on win xp 32bit.

My question is how to append this driver to mass storage drivers pack?


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Re: How to attach driver to mass storage drivers pack?

Greetings and salutations, djuka88!

The MassStorage drivers for nVidia were last modified by mr_smartepants some years ago.  It may have been that the nForce 520/560 Chipsets (at least two RAID HWID's) had to be sacrificed for the sake of the widest HWID support.  His solution has been widely tested.

He was also kind enough to leave a means to research possible fixes, in his thread titled "[FEEDBACK-REQ] Nvidia Mass Storage test packs - TESTERS NEEDED".

It would seem that if confirmed, this info should be added to the latest MassStorage [Nightlies] as a "Known Issue", at least.

A regular ATAPI installation should work though.
If RAID is your requirement, surely a newer chipset that at least supports AHCI (TRIMcheck) would be a more efficient solution, would it not?

Does your motherboard have the latest BIOS?  Do note that bad flashing may "brick" your board, and should only be done at your own risk.

Please post the affected HWID's, if you are able (perhaps from licensed Vista-7).

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