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Vista x64 TV Card DriversPack

TV Card x64 908
Link#2 … x64_908.7z
Size: 4,56 MB
MD5 Hash: 6F7DB21B9226D7AF8A0146B309F6E7FF


5 Aug 2009


- 4/1
Pinnacle PCTV 400e USB 2.0 BDA Device
Pinnacle PCTV Sat Pro USB 2.0 BDA Device
Pinnacle PCTV Sat HDTV Pro USB 2.0 BDA Device
DazzleTV Sat USB 2.0 BDA Device
DriverVer   = 08/06/2007,

- 4/2
USB 28xx OEM Filter
Pinnacle PCTV 70e
Pinnacle PCTV 80e
Pinnacle PCTV 80e SE
Pinnacle PCTV 100e/150e
Pinnacle PCTV 170e
Pinnacle PCTV 320e
Pinnacle PCTV 330e
Pinnacle PCTV 800e
Pinnacle PCTV 880e
Pinnacle PCTV 380e
Pinnacle PCTV 510e
PCTV EMP Driver Disk
Pinnacle System - PCTV EMP Audio
PCTV EMP Audio Device
PCTV EMP Audio Topology
PCTV EMP Audio Device
PCTV EMP Audio Device
DriverVer   = 09/12/2008, 5.2008.0912.0

- 4/3
PCTV 71e

- 4/4
PCTV 72e Infrared Receiver
PCTV Infrared Receiver
PCTV 320cx Infrared receiver
DiBcom Infrared Receiver
PCTV 72 : V3.7.0.4
PCTV 320cx : V2.0.1.0

- 4/5
Infrared receiver for PCTV 2000e, PCTV 2001e, PCTV 280e, PCTV 73e, PCTV 73A, PCTV 281ea
DriverVer   = 02/06/2007,

- 4/6
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 260e
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 200e
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 60e
DriverVer = 04/06/2006,

- 4/7
Pinnacle PCTV 310c Audio AVStream Device
Pinnacle PCTV 310c Audio Capture Device
Pinnacle PCTV 310c TS Capture Device

- 4/8
PCTV 340e
PCTV 340e SE
PCTV 801e
PCTV 801e SE
DriverVer = 06/12/2008,

- 4/9
Pinnacle Systems Stargate Device
Pinnacle PCTV DVB-S

- 4/10
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 100i
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 110i
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 300i
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 310i
Pinnacle Systems PCTV MCE
DriverVer = 11/22/2006,

- 4/11
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 310ix
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 710ix
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 3010ix
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 7010ix
DriverVer = 07/17/2007,

- 4/12
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 800i PCI ATSC Hybrid TV + FM Radio
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 800i PCI Audio Capture
Pinnacle Systems PCTV 800i PCI TS Capture

- 4/13
Pinnacle Systems RoyalTS Device
Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T

- 4/14
Pinnacle Virtual Ethernet Adapter
Pinnacle Virtual Miniport
DriverVer   = 02/02/2007,

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Re: TV Card x64

Updated to 903

Re: TV Card x64

Updated to 903.1

Re: TV Card x64

Updated to 904

Re: TV Card x64

Updated to 908

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Would somebody please add (or give me step by step tutorial so I can do it myself)

Terratec Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity and Terratec Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity MKII (both 32-bit and 64-bit)? … ista_7.exe … ista_7.exe

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They don't make it easy!  Those drivers don't decompress well.

I've built this for you to test.  It's x86. … _100201.7z

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Sorry, I´m not able to download that file : Not found...

Re: TV Card x64

Try this link instead: … _100201.7z

Unfortunately, I cannot edit Erik's post...

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edited Erik's post wink

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Thanks, I would need the x64 pack (cause we are in the x64 thread). And I actually do not have a x86 system for testing.

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I can't download x64 drivers (broken link)...
Could someone please update it...? Thank you.

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After one week: is there anybody who has this pack..?

Re: TV Card x64

I've uploaded the original from the first post.  Nobody uses this particular pack much.  So if you feel up to it, you can make an updated version. … x64_908.7z

Re: TV Card x64

Thank you very much smile

Re: TV Card x64

Drivers for all AverTV devices - DP_Aver:

Worked on Windows 8.1 Pro


Re: TV Card x64

Can these be added ?

DigitalNow tinyUSB2 DVB-T Receiver

and others from DigitalNow

Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-900 … … tml?prod=1

Artec T14BR … /Setup.exe


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This is a very informative post for the all visitor . i realy like that. But i want more information about this post topic . good job.keep it up .

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I singed up just to say Thank You. This was a life saver for my pinnacle 800i smile

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The link is broken. I am searching for NT6 x64 for TV Card.

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I'll upload & post link for that & other missing 3rd-party packs when i can.
Thanks, cheche!

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Oops, i neglected to remember this yesterday.
  Here it is!   -->   DP_TVcard_x64_908     smile