Topic: is there a driveer pack for bios?

Hi I have been driving myself mad trying to find a bios for a sony laptop and I wondered if there was a driverpack type setup to deal with bioses
has anyone thought of building one or is there one already?

Re: is there a driveer pack for bios?

I am not aware of a BIOS pack, interesting idea though.

I believe most people would avoid that like the plague. Because no matter how many disclaimers you posted many idiots would still blame you for their "bricked" devices. When in reality they were either broke to begin with (which is why they are flashing them) or there was a power surge or brown out or other "environmental" issue that caused the flash to fail.  Too much liability associated with firmware and BIOS upgrades. (It's always someone else s fault, so naturally one blames the guy who gave them the file tongue.

In our case if a driver is not found or if the wrong driver is installed it's no big deal. If someone Bricks hundreds of dollars of hardware they are gonna be looking for someones blood, and are not going to take the responsibility themselves. That is my guess why you don't see anyone doing it. It's hard enough to get people to treat you well when you 99.9% of the time take care of them, let alone when there is a high probability they are going to have a failure.

Good luck!

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Re: is there a driveer pack for bios?

I guess you are right about the idiots out there, it is a pity though as some manufacturers are not very forthcoming when it comes to bios updates, even when they have them, sony spring to mind. it would be good to have a collection of bios files to draw upon at need, even if it was just all the original bios files to use for recovery. oh well

Re: is there a driveer pack for bios?

See the CoreBoot project.
  Not for the faint of heart, or those unable to recover from a bad flash.

Noting that 2Gbit SPI Flash memories may be available.  Don't expect speeds to impress though compared to SSD's.
I wonder what would be worthwhile to have built into mobo firmware, though (VMWare???)
If only there were 8 lanes available to run 8 of those in parallel.

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