Topic: DPSu-problem with double audio driver

First thing I am very sorry if I am not in the exact topic.

I have problem with driver pack solution 13 R395 that he find 2 or 3 solution of audio driver and he give me error duplicate packets od drivers found, and cant continue,so what I should do,or is that bug in the problem
(Sorry for my bad english)

Re: DPSu-problem with double audio driver

You need to contact the DriverPacks Solution tech support guys.  We don't support their product (though they use our DriverPacks).

Re: DPSu-problem with double audio driver

Yeah and they don't much credit us for our (major) part in "their solution" either.
And they have never even donated a dollar.
Our DriverPacks work without their software but their software doesn't work without our packs tongue.

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