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Hi all,

I hope this is in the correct section.

I am looking to download the latest release of driver packs and inject all of them into a WDS server. Too many times recently I am imaging new laptops/Desktops, and tonnes of drivers are missing, requiring me to find them manually. I thought doing it the driverpacks way would save a lot of time.

My questions: Has anyone done this before, is it possible, is there a better method?

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Is it possible that you are affected by this problem?

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Hmmm no.

A client buys 10 new laptops, I image 1 to test driver installation. Maybe a couple of drivers are missing. I download them and add them to my WDS server, then the next imaging session installs them as expected.

To stop this task of manually downloading them, I just wanted to add a tonne of drivers in one go.

I'm just concerned that doing this will break something :-/

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I use MDT 2012 instead of WDS.
we have like about 10 different Dell laptops and desktops.
I downloaded the cab file for each model and inserted them into MDT.
it works like a charm for all 10 model.
i also have couple of ghost image made by driverpacks.

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Which operating system are you working on?

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The images I built are win xp , win7 Ent. and win7 pro.