Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

Actually, all i had to do was split the [ I] portion of MS.ini with "skipIfOS", add Matrix v5.7 in [IE], then for bonus points included HWID's in a similarly split [I3] folder (supposed to only support Adv. Server) for ICH7/8, etc.

Of course this was after determining that "LSI Logic MegaRAID/Intel RAID II (W2K)" could no longer work after an earlier update (now in [L9-0]).  Several other drivers interfered with "insufficient memory" errors with 2GB (those were fst376kk, fast2k2k, ulsata2k, pnp680, SI3112, SISRAID2, SISRAID, & SISRAID4).
  Ah, the utility of "skipIfOS"!

The ntfs.sys errors may have been related to the driver for "Promise Ultra133TX2/Ultra100TX2/Ultra66/33 IDE", as ultra66.sys is included in the OS.
  There was another possibility that eludes me at this moment.  I believe "skipIfOS" fixed that too.

Whilst i was at it, iSCSI support was added for W2k3 only, and the HWID "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2651&CC_0106" was returned to [I3], where it belongs though it may be a "red herring".

It was necessary during integration to use DPs_BASE 10.06.  The newer alpha may have worked without the M2.7z mod, yet i liked the idea of separating the two NT5 branches on my hdd.
  A minimum of packs, Chipset, Lan, MassStorage and the 3rd party Misc seemed to fit with the extreme Path Length restrictions.
However; including the DP_Misc pack resulted in "multiple" bluescreens (or bluescreens for multiple reasons) with the included Ricoh cardreader drivers.  I stuck with Chipset, Lan and MassStorage.

Even that wasn't without issue, as Intel USB2 devices have "Yellow Bangs!"

I still have some testing to do, that does include ensuring that XP is not negatively effected.
  I doubt any negative effect, as the "new" w2k files do not integrate in my XP_test folder, yet will test for sanity's sake.

With or without the Intel USB2 issues, this updated pack could be public as early as Wednesday.

mr_smartepants wrote:

"But I wouldn't waste any more time on 2000 support."

Indeed.  Therefore, any Win2k support from here on in will be strictly unofficial.

Can you remember which packs had the best official support? 
   It would be good to direct prospective users, and properly tell them where to go for support.

silents429 wrote:

"Cutting off support for those people seems unneeded and plain stupid to me."

Easy there, fella!
  If it were not for mr_smartepants, XP support would still be stuck circa 2008.
    To him i reserve a great deal of deference and respect, and not simply for that fact.
  He is patient to the point of long-suffering, talented and gracious yet amazingly not narcissistic. 
I say this not to beam sunshine up his posterior, yet because every word is true.     smile

Please don't take your frustrations out here on any of the many wonderful volunteers.

"I'm free, And freedom tastes of reality," - The Who, Tommy

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

I am not disrespecting him, I am just not positive towards ending support.

Then I think.

Not much else caaan really be done for 2000 at this point anyway other then some Sata drivers.

And maybe wireless drivers, though I believe it isn't the driver but that Windows 2000 didn't come with a wireless internet client. Guess Ill have to find that out eventually.

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

I disagree, that did have the tone of disrespect.
  As for " time well spent", so far it seems like time well wasted.

By the by, it is probably just as well that 2k doesn't have a wireless client, generally if an Atheros module is present.
  Any latency gains via NT5 are often more than negated with such "WinModems".

WiFi sucks compared to wired Lan anyway, and not just performance-wise. … fi-router/
  If you are adamant that there are no biological effects attributable to WiFi, goggle "Microwave Auditory Effect".
    Anybody with a pacemaker may readily testify to other negative effects.

Disable WiFi for your Win2k no matter what you do.
  The drivers are likely horribly out-of-date, certainly if they don't support WPA2.
     I wouldn't doubt that "pwnage" is only a local teenager (or more) away!

BTW, if you need a modern OS, and price sensitivity is of issue, try a linux Live! disc.
  Download, burn, boot from it, try linux!  Don't install yet, it will render a NT5 install non-bootable (more later).
Mint seems most popular, though am not certain if their Ubuntu derivatives are sending search keywords to Amazon.
   Mint-debian does not behave in such a way AFAIK, though not generally regarded as "newby-friendly".
     The Knoppix (debian) live DVD has long been a favorite of mine as it comes with Wine (Windows emulator).

Dual-boot is certainly achievable, though not immediately intuitive. … s-7VistaXP

The notebook itself, as most vintage hardware, may have some caveats.

If there are problems with the clock keeping proper time, or "settings" that won't hold, you may need a new RTC battery.
  Many models (especially newer) use a replaceable CR2032 or similar, while others use a non-replaceable "VR" variant.  The units with non-replaceable "VR" variants often have instructions to charge the unit for a day or so in user manuals.  RTM, if effected.

If tearing your notebook apart isn't your forte, then i won't mention anything else about internal maintenance.

  Speaking of batteries, as they age the "internal resistance" grows, as does the risk of fire.
    An older battery pack will tend to get hot during discharge.
      Before recharging an older battery under such conditions, it is best to allow it to cool first.
        Charging might be best done while the notebook is off.
          "Your mileage may vary".

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

It isn't a price issue. I have an extra computer I figured I would use for educational purposes. And the WPA2 thing. Completely didn't think of that.

Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

i think  you over read what he meant. He simply is suggesting that adding anything for 2000 at this point is not going to bring about a desirable result. He was NOT suggesting that we remove any existing support for it. the 2k drivers have been working fine for a decade, no reason to fix it if it ain't broke big_smile.

as i stated we will be glad to assist within the confines of the existing program and packs. We have no magic wands. we do have some experience and a couple hours to invest. Just as you have invested yours. Perhaps we have some success.

Help us to help you  (I miss Jaak)


@TechD Yes the ram for loading drivers is severely limited in 2k it grows with each OS version. that is why we have the disable flag to prevent memory saturation. in this way one can simply edit the txtsetup.sif file and deledte a few semicolons and add a few without re-slipstreaming the drivers. If you get the ntf.sys error to many drivers are enabled. At least Wim made it easy to change and retest. couple of semi colons in a text editor and burn and test. Core files may be missing to get SATA to spark (a hotfix / KB that was never written). as an alternate perhaps not SATA mode will work just fine big_smile.

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

silents429 wrote:

Cutting off support for those people seems unneeded and plain stupid to me.

Thank you for calling us "stupid". … ng_systems
Windows 2000 usage is so low it doesn't even beat the "all others" category (less than 1%).

Try to look at it from our perspective.  We are trying to support the mainstream OS's because that is what the bulk of the users are using.  By comparison to any OS, Windows 2000 usage is insignificant.  That ship has sailed.
Now if you're looking to Win2k for a learning experience, then that is fine, but don't take your frustrations out on us.

None of the old Win2k drivers in dpms have changed.  Only the .ini structure has changed.  If I were you, I'd start with dpms 12.09 and work backward through the older DriverPacks until I found one that worked, then report those findings here (with your HWIDs).
At that point, someone with free time (of which I have precious little) can assist.

If none of the packs work, then you can set the BIOS to change SATA to IDE (Legacy mode) and it should be fine.

Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

thirty posts and three team members involved i can't believe you would act as if we shut the door in your face.

I have to agree that you reacted harshly

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

OverFlow wrote:

..."that is why we have the disable flag to prevent memory saturation."

I have made generous use of the "DisableIfOS="w2k" flag, especially for RAID & SAS.

"If you get the ntfs.sys error too many drivers are enabled."

Good to know.

mr_smartepants wrote:

... "you can set the BIOS to change SATA to IDE (Legacy mode)" ...

I would bet dimes to donuts that Sony did not put such an option in that particular BIOS.
  "Is there a BIOS update?" would be another good question, yet one risks "bricking" hardware.  Also, it may not be possible if a battery is damaged.  Tough to risk a flash if there were any potential problems with an RTC battery.

"None of the old Win2k drivers in DriverPack MassStorage have changed."

Well ... actually, the chipset drivers have changed.  As you know, they are somewhat interrelated in MassStorage.  I have stumbled upon one bug in the latest chipset drivers regarding Win2k specifically.  Go figure.

The "Yellow Bang!" is indeed a long-standing intel bug.  Is it the only long-standing Intel bug?

From chipset {DriverVer=08/05/2009,} (ich78usb.inf) aka "tried and true":


Latest chipset {DriverVer=07/09/2013,} (ich78usb.inf) aka "buggy newness":


Note that in the newer driver, there is no "USB2_2K"; it is missing.  This may effect all Intel USB2 chipsets.
  This bug is also present in v9.4.0.1017, v9.4.0.1014, v9.3.0.1026, & v9.3.0.1025.
    Chipset v9.2.2.1034 (aka "tried and true") appears clean though.

Also, with the latest chipset drivers, a virgin 2K disc sees all chipset drivers by Intel (at least), as non-WHQL.
  That is possibly an issue with root certs.  Either that or possibly Win2k doesn't like the latest format with nulls between every character.  Note that between the latest Chipset package, and v9.4.0.1017, every .Inf file is twice the size of previous .Inf's.

This will indeed delay any public release to sort it out.  Wednesday yes.  Which Wednesday?  Dunno.

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

Holy sh*t I made a statement that I flat out say was my opinion that I think its stupid to unsupport OS. No where did I call anyone stupid.

People act like I gave you the finger or something.

Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

Actually, you didn't qualify your statement.
  When read in order and context, it does indeed read like a "verbal bird".

mr_smartepants wrote:

"Therefore, DriverPacks support for 2000 has ended also."

silents429 wrote:

"Cutting off support for those people seems unneeded and plain stupid to me.

    It would seem that i am not the only one to interpret your comment as such.

OverFlow wrote:

"I have to agree that you reacted harshly"

  Perhaps you might agree how such a comment might be interpreted as negatively disparaging the character of mr_smartepants et al.  If i was to venture an educated guess, it would be that this is not the first time that you have entreated negative feedback for unfortunately worded commentary.
  Live and learn.  A short apology might be in order.  We are not looking for anyone to "kiss our behinds" though, that would be degrading to you and ourselves.  If you do not believe an apology is in order, then do not.

One thing i do wonder, why is it you have not chosen XP for your VAIO?

At any rate,  the USB2 issue has been solved with the inclusion of some drivers from both Official Chipset & MassStorage packs, as the Official Releases do not suffer from this particular bug.  The corresponding "USB 2.0 Root Hub" has been installed now as well.
  However; there are other issues that i have uncovered that effect XP & w2k3 concerning usb drivers.
    Those involve wptusb, ich6usb, ich5usb, patusb and DH89xxCC-usb for differing reasons.

DH89xxCC-usb now lacks two HWID's.
patusb now has no UHCI/OHCI support.
ich6usb & ich5usb have had their 2k3 coinstallers moved.
wptusb has reg. entries missing for XP/2k3.

These potential issues need be addressed before any public offering can be made.

One interesting note is that Intel switched from using UHCI for most drivers to using OHCI.  This doesn't seem at first blush to be in error.  Perhaps someone can comment on this.

Installs now work on my Inspiron 1525 with ICH8-M & Core2Duo, and my HP Media Center with N10/ICH7-GR/GH & P4-D.

  Funny thing is that the controller is listed as "Unknown" during the partitioning phase on the Inspiron, yet "iastor2k" is listed in non-PnP as it should.  The Media Center properly states that the controller is "iastorEk" during partitioning, yet when i achieve the desktop, it is v7.0.0.1020 that is installed and "iastorEk" v5.7 is in the non-PnP section.
  When DPsFnshr  starts, i am greeted with "new hardware installed, restart now?", so i wait for DPsFnshr to complete and the Desktop to load before restarting.  This doesn't occur on the Media Center PC.
  For both, i have to manually enable DMA transfers for the CD/DVD drives.

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

Again, I choose Windows 2000 for educational purposes not for general usage.

I choose IT over XP because it was older. Just prefer 2000 and below.

Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

TechDud wrote:

negatively disparaging the character of mr_smartepants et al.

Oh, believe me I've heard worse.  I have a thick skin.  He (or anyone) can negatively disparage my character anytime they like.  I don't care. big_smile

I'm a firm believer that everyone is entitled to voice their own opinion...even if it's wrong. wink

Jeff and I are in agreement that we won't support W2k anymore.  Nobody will be able to convince me to devote any more time to that ancient OS.  Sorry, but I have better things to do with my limited time.  I'm also sorry that upsets you, but ranting won't change my mind.
If TechDud wants to take this on as a challenge, so be it.  But that is his choice.

silents429 wrote:

Again, I choose Windows 2000 for educational purposes not for general usage.

Since that is the case, why not just restore your Sony back to factory defaults for general usage and run Win2k in a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMware, HyperV, etc.)?
You'll be much happier.

Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

2k in VM does seem to be a great choice. (see the help is still flowing)

I will certainly answer questions and offer any insight i may have, but i am not going to invest serious resources.

If i did have time for a project the first would be updating the finisher for NT6.

Please test and report, we may help each other and a lurker or two as we go. Move mountains... not so much.


PS we take great time and invest much thought while collaborating on what we can and cannot provide support for and how we can provide that support. You referred to at least one of those well thought out (by the team) decisions as "stupid'. (implied... you can do better). That is not only giving the messenger (Mr_smartepants) but also the entire team who made that decision "the bird". IMHO

- you are welcome to come onboard and help with development and updates, at which point you will have the opportunity to have your opinion heard. If you are not willing to contribute time or money then you are simply being a troll. (sorry i have been trying not to respond to your harshness, with harshness). 

It's real easy to stand on the sidelines and yell at the players on the field, but unless you are one of the players on the field... you need to just sit back and enjoy the game and let the coaches run the plays.

nobody likes a backseat driver, especially one with no license.

Note: When you want some help... calling the person you want help from stupid is not a good opening move.
to be clear, while you did not call him stupid directly you did call his (our) decision stupid.

Extrapolate... stupid decisions are made by stupid people,
a group of smart people usually don't make stupid mistakes.
YES you called him and us stupid, whether you realize(d) it or not

I hope that helps to explain our collective reaction.

A smart Poster would have stated "Why is this OS no longer supported?"
People never take offense to a good question. big_smile
Either you are not smart or you already knew the answer...
assuming you are smart and already knew the answer...
you simply were throwing a temper tantrum to try to get your way?

I know you realize all this because the next day you say that
"not much else caaan really be done for 2000 at this point anyway"
You came to the same decision yourself after you slept on it big_smile tongue !

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

One could be thankful that Gollum didn't feel the need to write in.

Gollum wrote:

"And leave things like religion and age, and general insulting out of your messages, otherwise i turn up, and then you dont get as measured a response from me as this one  smile"

     Quoted from: … 531#p39531

Precious sample: … 019#p29019

Well, with that all behind us, how did it all work out silents429?

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

TechDud wrote:

One could be thankful that Gollum didn't feel the need to write in.

LOL, that was epic!

Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

He delights in such things, you can find his work around the web. I met him over at the UBCD4Win forum i think he frequented 911 too big_smile. He does have style. big_smile

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

The strictly fictitious semi-biography of Gollum:

He was just a regular hairy-footed IT worker heavily invested with IBM Networking (involving untold man-hours of research and development) until one fateful day when he was ordered to deploy a new networking environment in it's stead.
  In a fit of madness and uncontrollable rage, he grabbed his "Tolkien Ring" console, disabling the network in the process, and stormed out of the building yelling "My Precious!" frantically and repetitively as he ran, trailing hermaphroditic connectors behind him.
    His employer, an IT wizard in his own right, was so disgruntled about the theft and lack of civic response, that he organized an action committee - a Fellowship if you will - led by a hairy-footed junior intern to reclaim company property and eventually see it properly recycled in the fire caves where it's evil reign began.

When the group finally caught up with him, the gear and it's arcane concepts had changed him startlingly into a physically gaunt and bitterly divided man.
  They fought like h*ll to get it away from him and finally succeeded, risking their own lives in the process from that madman.  Some were hospitalized for their wounds, one was seriously injured.

Thankfully, like Eddie Van Halen*, Gollum is today recovering in Bellevue, and purportedly "making progress".
  Sadly though, nurses say he can still be overheard angrily mumbling incoherently to himself once in a while.

* reference:  "Hot For Teacher" Video

... To Be Continued ...      ... or not; I'd rather watch "Diamond Dave's" Game Show!    tongue

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Re: I need Sata drivers for Windows 2000

Rolling on floor laughing... that post takes me back... and your update on his whereabouts... too funny

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