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Hello everyone,

it is possible to set the output of the all Intel drivers integrated in the Graphic driverpacks B on VGA/LVDS ports at the same time during the XP setup? This is because i have some industrial mobo with the output set to the LVDS connector by default and, when you install XP, after the T-13 step of Windows, the screen became blank on the VGA monitor and only active on the LVDS.
If I set the output to VGA only by the BIOS the problem is the same.
But some of my PC don't use the LVDS and is not possible to see nothing on screen. My PC are industrial PC with mobo made by Portwell or Commell.

Please. Is very important.

If you have some suggestions also I really appreciate.

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Re: Intel Drivers (VGA/LVDS)

Sorry for taking so long to attempt to answer.

Do you experience similar issues booting a linux-live disc?

Can you replace the Video with an add-in card?  If not, would a LVDS to VGA convertor limp you through the install process?

Re: Intel Drivers (VGA/LVDS)

Hi. Thanks for the reply.
We assemble industrial PC with mobile chipsets like 945GM, QM57, QM67 and many others. If I install XP without driverpacks, the full setup procedure is correctly showned on two monitors (LVDS and external CRT). If I utilize the an XP dvd with the driverpacks, the setup procedure displayed is only on the LVDS screen. The problem for me is in the inf settings of the Intel drivers because (for me) there is not setted the double output. When the system is installed, If I press CTRL+ALT+F1 the VGA output appear.
The main problem is on some machine without LVDS TFT onboard: the full setup is blank!! Is it possible to change a setting in the Intel driverpacks to pilot LVDS and VGA output at the same like the original Microsoft Graphic Driver?

Sorry for my bad english.

We don't have additional card or converter because our clients can't pay for it.
We need to show the entire full setup process and not a blank screen. Thanks.

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Re: Intel Drivers (VGA/LVDS)

After the install with or without the Graphics Driverpack, is SafeMode working properly on the machines with no LVDS monitor?
(LVDS is used to connect many laptop screens - although likely passing no power for CCFL back-lighting)

Another thought is why integrate the graphics drivers at all?  If it works properly with the stock MS driver during install, why change it?  You could conceivably update the driver after install with mr_smartepants' SAD2 utility.

HWID's make it easier for others more familiar with these types of hardware to comment.
  Without knowing which driver or drivers are involved, I'm unable to help much further.

Thank you for joining the forum & welcome. smile

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Re: Intel Drivers (VGA/LVDS)

The Intel drivers were updated in the new Graphics DriverPacks.  Please test and let us know if this problem still exists.
I don't know what to suggest, this is an unusual setup.

Re: Intel Drivers (VGA/LVDS)

Was this resolved, fxart?

Thank you for your assistance.