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I am creating a new corporate image for our workstations which are a mixture of Dell Optiplex 745, 755, Vostro laptops and desktops and Latitude D610, D620, D630 and other laptops.  I created the image on an Optiplex 755 and used the following driverpacks:


I have used driverpacks and sysprep in the past numerous times and now I am having a huge issue.  I unzipped the drivers into a folder and use spdrvscn to add the appropriate registry entries for the drivers.  Installed and configured all of my applications and ran all updates.  Nothing strange so far.  I customized my sysprep.inf and execute sysprep -bmsd, then sysprep clicking the "Use Mini Setup" option.  The workstation image was then captured and deployed to the D630 laptops.  Mini setup runs as expected, however, I am not able to use the laptop's keyboard and touchpad.  I have to connect a USB keyboard and mouse to complete the setup.  After the setup is complete, device manager shows an unknown device with a yellow exclamation mark under the keyboards key.  The device's status states that "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)"

If I try to delete the device and have windows redetect and install it, I get an error saying that "There was a problem installing this hardware.  Dell Touchpad.  The system cannot find the file specified."  Another error then pops up for the PS/2 keyboard (106 keys ctrl + caps).  "Cannot create a file when that file already exists."

Has anyone seen this before.  I took an image of the system before running sysprep and I have tried running sysprep with and without the "Detect Non Plug and Play Devices" checked.  I get the same result.  I also added the official dell drivers for the various workstations and laptops and ran the spdrvscan pointing the the dell drivers first before pointing to the driverpacks drivers.

The strange thing is that I did a similar image earlier in the year and I did not get this issue on the laptops.  This seem to affect just the laptops.  I deployed the image to a desktop and it works fine.

Any assistance in solving this would be greatly appreciated.


Re: [SLVD] Lost keyboard and mouse after deploying image to laptops

Bear with me, my Sysprep skills are non-existent.

With that in mind, i would probably try a simplified approach with the included packs.

The devices causing issue are HID devices; therefore, it may be an idea to leave that pack out for now.
It can be installed post-setup via SAD2.
The latest version, SAD3, is here --> … 586#p51586
If you do decide to use SAD3, you need a replacement for DP_HID meant to weed out known problem devices. --> … 563#p51563

Also, it is possibly wise to install the Webcam pack that way, too.  It has potential path-length issues.

I note that the drivers in the Bluetooth pack are at least 4 years old now.  This is probably insecure.  You might want to get the latest from a manufacturer, as there is no updated Bluetooth pack here.
WLAN is something else that i avoid including with setup as some devices are more "chatty" than others and have potential to negatively impact security.

In addition, is it wise to include DP_LAN-RIS_wnt5_x86-32_1011.7z with DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_1205.7z ?  I am uncertain myself.  Perhaps someone more familiar with RIS integrations could add some comments.

Also noting that you have not DP_Graphics_ATI_runtimes to go with the DP_Graphics packs.  That must mean that none of those appliances previously mentioned have AMD/ATi Graphics or you do not desire the Catalyst Control Center installed with .Net2SP2 & latest VisualC++ runtimes.

One recommendation that i can make is to use my latest nightly for DP_Modem, as it removes some drivers meant for Vista.

Also, the latest nightly for DP_Sound_A updates the Realtek & VIA lines of HD Audio devices including HDMI, if applicable.

Now, if you have a need for the latest drivers, here are some updated packs that so-far have proven themselves in testing:
DP_Chipset_wnt5_x86-32_1305071.7z   * Know your TPM's brand first (if applicable) or risk data
DP_Biometric_wnt5_x86-32_1304rc1 * use with DP_Misc; no utilities - just drivers incl.

3GKid wrote:

"The strange thing is that I did a similar image earlier in the year and I did not get this issue on the laptops."

This indicates to me that you used the same packs earlier this year.
It may have been that you made your previous image earlier this year on a laptop, perhaps?

If i am totally off-target, then i sincerely apologize.

Welcome to & may good fortune be yours!

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Re: [SLVD] Lost keyboard and mouse after deploying image to laptops


I apologize for not responding sooner.  I took your advice and removed the DP_HID_wnt5_x86-32_1209 from the mix.  It worked perfectly.  Previously I created the image using VMWare.  I have also removed the other drivers as you have suggested.

Thanks a lot.

Re: [SLVD] Lost keyboard and mouse after deploying image to laptops

in your situation i would install 3rd party DriverPack with SAD... that should give the most coverage with the least issues

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