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I need to integrate qChain.EXE into svcpack.IN_.

; QChain.exe gives system administrators the ability to safely chain hotfixes together.
; Hotfix chaining involves installing multiple hotfixes without rebooting between each installation.
; Without this tool, the only supported method is to reboot after each hotfix installation.
; The QChain.exe tool has the following benefits:
;    It increases uptime for servers because computers are not being rebooted between each hotfix installation.
;    It allows faster installations of multiple hotfixes on a single computer.
;    It is a solution that works on both Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0.
; Chaining Hotfix Installations Without QChain.exe Is Not Safe

There are 3 hotfixes in the 'bin\wnt5_x86-32' folder;
KB883667.7z, KB888111.7z, KB921401.7z

If I expand svcPack.IN_ I see

Signature="$Windows NT$"




I was suprised to see they weren't mentioned here. Also the folder i386\hotfixes doesn't exist.

I did locate newdev_SP1.dll which is inside KB883667.7z  inside the I386 folder, but couldn't find it's accompanying KB883667.CAT file.

But then how were they integrated ? Were they slipstreamed ? Can a hotfix be slipstreamed ?

And won't that be a problem as my memory is hazy, but if I remember well Microsoft said qChain.EXE had to be applied before any other hotfixes.


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it is not mentioned here because it is not DriverPacks related.

this is off topic and not supported by us. goto for these type issues.

DriverPacks support only on this forum.

BASE will not add any Service Packs that your source is not eligible for.
They were probably not added because your source did not qualify for them.
Same answer here as in your other post.

Where is your DPs_BASE.log???

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