Topic: [CLSD] How can I add DriverPacks to Hiren's Boot?

Newbie here. I am making a custom Hiren's Boot image that I want to add DriverPacks to. But I'm not exactly sure of how to go about this because it's not a typical live system. Does anyone know whether Hiren's Boot already has the DriverPacks installed/enabled, or if not, how to add them to the "Mini XP" system?

I hope this isn't violating any rules already, because I don't believe HBCD is the dirty w-word or anything. It's not an "official" PE environment that you build with your own XP, but it is a commonly recommended tool even for technicians. I am not a technician myself but am sort of familiar with slipstreaming drivers into XP images with tools like nLite. I'm just not sure of how to do this with a nonstandard setup like HBCD.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

Re: [CLSD] How can I add DriverPacks to Hiren's Boot?

Hiren's image is classed as "warez" because it redistributes commercial software or software that supports software piracy.
The simple fact that it includes RemoveWGA, violates Rule #1.
We don't support warez.

Re: [CLSD] How can I add DriverPacks to Hiren's Boot?

please take a look at UBCD4win which includes DriverPacks

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