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As Windows 7 is about to hit RC1 status, bug fixes only from this point I would appreciate comments on the following:

We create a new Windows 7 Forum in the Vista Forum and sub Forums under that.

Discussion of which vendors are shipping Win 7 drivers (ATI and Nvidia have sections already).

The myriad of other stuff we can find and share.

I think the days of Vista are numbered and MS wants to forget it as soon as possible.

32 and 64 bit drivers, hopefully the vendors will issue unified drivers for both (dreaming).

Don't know what the keepers of the gate at the Vista Forum would think ???


Just my 2 cents.

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The problem with Windows 7 at this current moment is this :

Windows XP    -> you download drivers from the net and install them.
Windows Vista -> You download your drivers mostly from the net and install them, you can update them through windows update.
Windows 7      -> Which ever drivers are not installed with setup, you can run windows update and it detects all hardware and installs the drivers for you.

I have loaded windows 7 onto 9 different PC's so far and every single one worked this way. I would install windows, there would be a whole bunch of hardware not installed, i would search the net and not find any drivers, i would run windows update and boom, it picks up the hardware and installs the drivers....

Thus, the only option i see at this point in time to make driver packs for windows 7 is for users to use driver magician or something and post their ripped drivers and put those into driver packs.

it is still to early to get drivers from vendors for windows 7, with the exception of nvidia and ati ofcourse. once windows 7 is released, it is another ball game smile

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Since Win7 has promised that all Vista drivers will be compatable with Win7... it becomes a non issue as the Vista DriverPacks Muiz provides will provide full support initially for Win7 naturally we wil migrate those to thier respective official Win7 updates as they are released and tested known good..

I second your motion for a new Windows 7 forum
- So I created the catagory and primary forum.

and moved your thread so it is now the first post in that topic !

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Well thank you kind sir.

Windows 7 build 7077 64 bit.
(Activates until March 2010, same with 7068)

A couple of interesting thing using Live Mail:

When you import Messages it puts the old Mail into a folder called - Storage Folder. I had to copy the old Inbox to my main Inbox
Import your Address List ONLY from a .Wab file or you lose all your Groups.

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 OK.

Stardock Fences OK

Webshots OK

Eset 4.0 Suite OK

Klite Mega Codecs OK

Quickbooks 2009 OK

Nvidia Win 7 64 bit drivers OK

If you have any other "finds" please post to help others.

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This will be very useful and interesting to me; I"m going to skip Vista completely and go to Win7 64 bit about 90 days after GA.

Thanks for running with this.

Here is what I've got running on the Win7 beta (build 7068)

Opera 9.64 works as does their 10.xx betas.

OpenOffice 3.0.1 works as does the 3.1.0 RC.

MS Ofice 2007 (the whole thing, all components).

7zip 64 bit runs fine.  32 kind of works but the desktop context menus are a little flakey.

Acrobat Reader 9.1 works.

Vista drivers for the Intel G45 chipset and GMA 4500 video work fine.

Vista drivers for Intel 5100 ABGN wireless work fine.

Vista drivers for Intel Pro/1000 networking work fine.

JR MediaCenter v13 works.

GNU Backgammon works.

GNU Cash works.

GIMP 2.6.6 works.

I can print successfully to HP 5600 and 5800 series inkjets over USB and wired network connection.

I can print successfully to a Canon i9900 large format color printer including ICC color management.

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Found this interesting article about installing from a USB, you probably know about it.. but if you don't !! … -drive.ars

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There are two apps that help with win7 installation from a usb stick.

One is straight from msft, the other is an independent project

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newsposter wrote:

There are two apps that help with win7 installation from a usb stick.

One is straight from msft, the other is an independent project

Another way is to use an application named UltraISO, which you could use the free trial or purchase the program.  You can use the following method to make a USB Flash Drive into a Windows 7 Installation Disc.  I have used this method, so I know it works.

Note:  The credit for this method goes to xoben from the EZBSystems forum.

1. Start UltraISO (V9.3 or newer version)

2. Choose ‘File’->’Open’ from main menu and open ISO file of Windows 7, for example “d:\ISO\WIN7_DVD.iso”; You may also open the original DVD by 'File'->'Open CD/DVD' from main menu if you don't have a bootable ISO.

3. Choose ‘Bootable’->’Write disk image’ from main menu

4.Insert the USB drive you intend to boot from

5. Choose proper “Write Method”,USB-HDD+ is recommended

6. Hit “Write” to get a bootable USB drive

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didn't know that UltraISO could do that.  Neat.

I wonder if things like ImgBurn, etc can do that as well.........

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windows 7 is no good (sucks)
why would you want a forum on it

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You are entitled to your viewpoint but please note: this is the DriverPack forum and we are not concerned with what people think about an OS.
If you don't have a problem with a driver then please do not post your feelings, if you have some constructive criticism feel free to post.

We don't care care if its XP, Vista or Win 7 we are here to integrate drivers for those products.

Are by chance a Linux or a Mac user ???

Have a nice day

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Most Windows 7 problems are related to the upgrade process. Do a clean install if and when you can. If you are still having issues, hopefully we cover them below. If not, hit us up in the comments.
We are going to run through 4 Windows 7 problems or issues that you can have on your new Windows 7 machine regardless of the version.

Hopefully these answers will help you out and make Windows 7 the best operating system yet.

There are certain things I do right away when getting a new machine. One of the things I do is disable hibernation as I do not want a huge hiberfil.sys file on my hard drive. But how do I disable it?

I could not find an option anywhere but I went looking online and found a registry option that will permanently disable hibernation and return my precious space back to me. Now I do not like recommending registry modifications when I do not have to, so I found a little command line magic from the HowToGeek. You will need to right click on the command prompt from your start menu and choose “Run as administrator”. Then you can type this command: "powercfg /hibernate off" You will need to manually remove the hiberfil.sys and you are good to go.

The next issue we will discuss is the lack of Windows Mail, Movie Maker and Photo Gallery. Windows 7 is a beast and they trimmed the fat, so to speak a little. The installation of your operating system no longer contains a bunch of items. If you find yourself missing one of these items you can quickly download the ones you want from the "Windows live Essentials site".

Click download, start the installer, choose what you want and you are on your way to emailing, messaging, making movies and more. I like this simply because it reduces the bulk of your operating system.

Our next issue with Windows 7 is a problem I have always had on all my Windows Operating systems since Windows 2000. This is the hiding of known file extensions. This is a great way to be attacked by a virus. If a file is titled Innocent.Doc.VBS, you will only see the icon for a Word Document, making it easier to click on. Hopefully your antivirus software will not let you shoot yourself in the foot. Let’s fix this issue by going to Explorer and clicking Tools > Folder Options > View.

Simply uncheck the box next to ”Hide extensions for known file types” to show file extensions and you are good to go.

The last Windows 7 problem we will look at is issues with HP All-in-one printers. If you upgraded to Windows 7 and you have one of these multifunction printers, chances are good that it just stopped working. There are files and registry keys that get removed during the upgrade. If you uninstall and reinstall the drivers directly from Hewlett Packard it will not help. So don’t bother.What we need to do is visit this Hewlett Packard page and download the correct HP Solution Center for your device. We will be looking to install a version that is 13.00 or higher (If not skip to the next paragraph). If this is available for your product download and install it. And it will fix you up.

If version 13.00 or higher is not available for your product, download this patch for the "HP Solution Center". That should solve your problem. You will be able to print, scan or copy anything else you need to again!

I hope these tips helped you! Good luck with all your Windows 7 endeavors!

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newsposter wrote:

There are two apps that help with win7 installation from a usb stick.

One is straight from msft, the other is an independent project

Thanks for sharing the link!

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thanks to all of your for sharing the information.

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What  is the extra advantages between windows 2 and windows 7?
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marshalkerry57 wrote:

What  is the extra advantages between windows 2 and windows 7?

5 ?

Oh, and spamming the forums gets you banned quick around these parts.