Topic: [IMPL] LAN - 3com 3C99x driver update

Nice update to the preexisting DP_LAN driver (DriverVer =08/30/2003, as found by bsautter here -->
Direct link … y=file.exe
Driver in 10_100_SECURE_NIC_v.4.1_3CR990CDv4.1.exe\English\Update\Source\ is DriverVer = 08/16/2005,

; EL99x_NT.inf
; Windows 2k,XP,and Windows 2003 Installation File

Seven files are referenced in the Security Catalog:  3c99x.dll, el99xnd5.sys, el99xn51.sys, el99xn5a.sys, el99xrun.out, el99x_nt.inf, & el99xn5i.sys

It would make sense that HP would have the latest drivers for 3com lan adapters, since the acquisition completed early last year.

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Re: [IMPL] LAN - 3com 3C99x driver update

Implemented in DriverPack LAN 11.10r1

Re: [IMPL] LAN - 3com 3C99x driver update

I never understood why these systems don't come fully packed with the drivers they need. I often spend good amounts of time searching for drivers, some exe files are pretty difficult to find. Thanks for sharing the updates!