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We have been forced to lock the forums to new registrations due to the violent increase in spambot registrations.
To protect the forums from these unwelcome intrusions, we have had to resort to temporarily locking out all new user registrations until the server can be insulated against these new vulnerabilities.
Please be patient while the server administrators work to fix the problem.

The forums will remain closed to new registrations until they are fixed.
No estimated time to completion is given.  We may be forced to wait for days, weeks or months.

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I'm a spammer and I love SPAM

Re: Forums closed to new user registrations

spambots from Antarctica now??  ISP rates would be prohibitive!  Same with heat.  Solar's great, less than half of the year.  Wind power could be a hit.  Hydroelectric; not so much.  Kitchen gardens popular, perhaps.  Kitchen garden successfully grown with high-efficiency LED's - a goal?

Re: Forums closed to new user registrations

LOL, I'll leave this one here just to illustrate the point.  He's banned of course, but I'll leave it just to toy with.

Re: Forums closed to new user registrations

Well, the locations would be perfect for data centres, methinks.
(Spam bots live there, I heared! And the evil twin of Santa...)

You need no artificial cooling.
However, sun eruptions may lead to increased miscalculations due to the weaker earth magnetic field there...
A linux server's natural habitat, with all those penguins around.

On a related note, I recently read, a data centres was being planned on Svalbard, so the idea of using polar regions for more efficient colling is not that far off wink

Re: Forums closed to new user registrations

"Orange Sun Scintillating "

In a historic sense, the field is weakening globally, although it should strengthen over the next couple of years, in reaction to the upcoming Solar Maximum. … lation.htm

What, me worry?  No, after all; "2012: Killer Solar Flares Are a Physical Impossibility, Experts Say" … 095550.htm

Magnetic North is above 85°N latitude.
  Strangely, the Southern magnetic pole is still north of 65°S latitude.
The magnetic lines of force move outward from magnetic south. … etic_field  One would suspect that a large-enough antenna may collect enough current (through induction) for LED lighting???.  NASA tried a tether in the mid-nineties (AFIR) on a Shuttle mission, to investigate power generation, yet the tether was lost when the cable attaching it burnt-through.

The increase in Exo-Solar Cosmic Rays passing through our weakening magnetic field could eventually....have an influence on our weather due to increased cloud formation.

I'm more concerned about people like this. … al-110803/
Seriously, do NOT try this at home, kids! lol

Preparing for the upcoming solar maximum could start with the realization that "Passive Surge-Protection" devices (such as power-bars) have a limited life-span & probably should be replaced at least once every 11 years (now would be a good time).
"Active Surge-Suppression" should protect the most sensitive systems, yet many include "Passive" components as well.  Bear in mind that these components wreak havoc with PowerLine Networking Devices (connect direct-to-wall).  Mind-you, PL networks turn Loomex wire in a household into a HF antenna!  Long live CAT6 cabling!

Futurama did an episode recently with the Seed Vault of Svalbard in it.  Not quite cold enough to hit 8.4GHz on a Bulldozer, though. … rclocking/  Gotta go, i'm sensing an impending Time-Code violation! 1101100111100101010101001111100000011.....*

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Re: Forums closed to new user registrations

Here's a picture of the Skógafoss waterfall in Iceland.
follow this link for a 360 virtual tour. … rfall.html

There's an amazing video from the Int. Space Station (... Rules the Nation!) capturing some interesting phenomenon while orbiting.

Oh, and here's a convincing story, confirming an extent of the weakening of the Sun's magnetic field. … 141154.htm

ScienceDaily wrote:

Data from Voyager's low-energy charged particle instrument, first reported in December 2010, have indicated that the outward speed of the charged particles streaming from the sun has slowed to zero. The stagnation of this solar wind has continued through at least February 2011, marking a thick, previously unpredicted "transition zone" at the edge of our solar system.

Saturn has a new ring, much bigger than the previous discoveries! … arths.html

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Re: Forums closed to new user registrations

I'm a spammer, you're a spammer, he's a spammer, she's a spammer, wouldn't you like to be a spammer too?

Re: Forums closed to new user registrations

Doctor laurel wrote:

I'm a spammer, you're a spammer, he's a spammer, she's a spammer, wouldn't you like to be a spammer too?

ROFL!!!! too funny big_smile

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