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The Free Software Foundation is taking issue with Microsoft & the 'SecureBoot' fiasco.  They prefer to term it "RestrictedBoot". … -windows-8 … ne-gpl-ban yikes

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SecureBoot looks different, in the light of "AntiTrust".  Mr. Ballmer was right, Windows 8 IS a big gamble! … microsoft/

In the final ruling for US v Microsoft, it stated that, “Microsoft shall not restrict by agreement any OEM licensee from exercising any of the following options or alternatives: …Offering users the option of launching other Operating Systems from the Basic Input/Output System or a non-Microsoft boot-loader or similar program that launches prior to the start of the Windows Operating System Product.” … ssues/4112
I have a simple answer; simply mandate that in order to receive the 'Windows 8 Certified' logo, Secure Boot & the ability for the user to disable it, must be present.  Password protect the UEFI with a SKU-like code on the motherboard.  'nuff said. neutral

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Major changes may be coming to Windows 8 concerning Audio support.  They are mentioning something called Hardware-Offloaded Audio Processing. … e/br259116 yikes

Here's an overview of device support in Win8, etc. … e/gg454505

NDIS 6.3 is here -->

Holodeck, anyone? … dle_balls/ cool

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In case anyone is interested I found a link to an article about Windows 8 Hidden tools:

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Helmi wrote:

Couldn't even get it to install on VirtualBox, but worked in VMWare.
First 15 minutes impression was somewhat mixed, probably due to the host being too slow for smooth Metro animations.
But, what is thatm the Start button is a mere fake on Desktop now!

Hi there
Please note that when  running W8 as a HOST OS you need vmware workstation W8 or (FREE) vmplayer V4.
On W8 X-64 you need to add your user to the group _vmware_ or you will get errors unless you run it in administrator mode.

On W7 Hosts running W8 x-64 guests I'd still recommend upgarding to Workstation V8 or VMPLAYER R4 -- these support "Batch or server type VM's and have decent 3-D graphics and some pass through cvapability for using some of the actual HOST's hardware rather than a totally 100% virtual BIOS.

Can't comment on Virtual Box as I've never used it.


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Well, I was running Win8 as a guest, of course.
Not going to install a preview version of MSFT software on my machine wink

Anyway, new versions of VB released since should fix that error.

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AMD Catalyst™ 11.9 RCx Windows 8 TEST Drivers (unconfirmed) here: … ST-Drivers

It would seem that some are having AHCI issues installing WDP. … to-install
My intuition tells me that mr_smartepants will have a leg-up on this issue long before RTM!

UEFI secure boot details are muddied here: 

Daz wrote:

So Windows 8 "secure boot" is the same as "trusted boot" and for it to work TPM is a requirement. … post501030
... & clarified here: … post501288

100 wrote:

Reading the "trusted boot" paper makes it clear that trusted boot requires a TPM. Reading the paper also makes it clear that it can work with conventional BIOS, as well as UEFI.
"Secure boot", on the other hand, is a feature of UEFI and, as we know, does not require a TPM. Without a TPM it can't possibly be the same as trusted boot, how is that not obvious?
The essential difference is that secure boot runs as part of the UEFI boot process, and trusted boot as part of the OS boot process.

... & here: … post501323 roll
... & here: … post501356 big_smile

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LOL, to be honest I haven't even thought much about Win8.  I for one don't like the "panel" interface.
Win8 is still a "developer preview" and shouldn't even be considered as advanced as a "beta release".  As such, things like this will be broken.
How long was it after Vista was released that we had decent drivers from ATI/Nvidia?  Months?  Nearly a year after release?

I sincerely hope that M$ and the driver vendors are working together on this right now.  If they haven't started developing for Win8 by now, they're REALLY behind the curve.

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I hear a rumour that the beta may be released in Jan 2k12.
edit:  Commercial Release August 2012 possible. … 13804.html
Windows 9 release Nov 2014? WoW!
  Microsoft may cement themselves in the computing world one way or another with this next announcement. … 13938.html
  Strangely, SHA65536 may be closer than we realize?!?

Here's looking forward to DP_MassStorage_wnt6-x86_1210! big_smile

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How about some 'reverse-spam'?  remember that 'killer app' i mentioned earlier?

it's on it's way. 

Rick Merritt at eetimes wrote: … indows-box
Microsoft confirmed it is developing hardware to bring its Kinect gesture interface to Windows. The company also launched a competition that will give $20,000 to the best ten startups with ideas for using Kinect for Windows. big_smile

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The final version of the 'Kinect for Windows' should not look like the current version.

Actually, now that i think about it, who really wants an API-controlled set of 3D cameras constantly monitoring everything a user does & says?  Who really wants to buy two of them to enable this?  I shudder to think of the possible privacy concerns surrounding such HW.
Shouldn't it be obvious to MS what the 'killer app' could be?  Simply (& inexpensively) adding multi-touch capabilities to non-touch monitors regardless of OS!  Add a microphone or two, tip your hat to MicroSoft & say "thanks for the new speech API"! big_smile

In addition, isn't 20grand a little cheap to distribute amongst ten start-ups?  Or have i read that rong?

edit: i did read that wrong, it is $20,000 per top-ten startup.  My apologies.

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With Helmi's permission, could this topic be moved to "Windows 8 discussion" too, please?

Re: Win 8 Dev. Preview is here!

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