Topic: Cross-platform GUI BitTorrent client

As a newbie to BitTorrent downloading I'd like to share this cross-platform BitTorrent client with others. It's written in Java, and should work out of the box. It will run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

I downloaded and use the Linux version. There is/was a problem with this version, as it has been packaged with the wrong version of swt.jar. You can see this post about the error messages, and how to fix these so Azureus - now called Vuze - will run straight away on Linux. … p;tstart=0

The Vuze download on the homepage defaults to the 64 bit version. There is actually a 32 bit version on the sourceforge download page that works fine: … Vuze_4604/

You can also see my defunct bug report about all this at:

I did not have to open ANY ports in my ADSL ethernet router firewall, or the firewall I have running on my Linux box, which I was pleased with.

When downloading Vuze reached a maximum speed of just over 300 kB/s, and 10 kB/s upload. The d/l speed starts off slow, and then gradually increases over time. Because I have unlimited bandwith between 11pm - 9am, I allowed Vuze to seed other computers with a maximum upload speed I set in the early hours after my download finished.

If you need to download ALL the DriverPacks from only one Torrent file smile, please see this post:

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