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Here is a link to download ALL of the DriverPacks from one .torrent file. What initially put me off using torrents, (apart from never having much success with it,) was the fact that I had to download each DriverPack from a seperate torrent file. This torrent file contains everything to download just from one single file. Maybe for newcomers (like myself), this would be worth adding to the downloads page?

Then to keep the DriverPacks updated, one can just download the latest release for a particular pack, using the single torrent file from the DriverPacks download pages?

Outdated link.  See the DriverPacks "Donate" page for updated link.

And the contents of the torrent file is:

Directory: DriverPacks for Windows 2000.XP.2003.Vista.7 (28.08.2011)

windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_b_wnt6-x64_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_audio_wnt6-x86_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_audio_wnt6-x64_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_b_wnt6-x86_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_a_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_b_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_mobile_wnt6-x64_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_a_wnt6-x64_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_mobile_wnt6-x86_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_sound_a_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_a_wnt6-x86_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_sound_b_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_c_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_webcam_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x86_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_bluetooth_wnt5_x86-32_910.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_hid_wnt5_x86-32_1105.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_languages_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_wlan_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_modem_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_physx_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_runtimes_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_misc_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_tv_wnt5_x86-32_1005.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_monitor_wnt5_x86-32_1005.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_wlan_wnt6-x86_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_wlan_wnt6-x64_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_lan_wnt6-x64_11042.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_webcam_wnt6-x64_1103.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_lan_wnt6-x86_11042.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_lan_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_massstorage_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_tvcard_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_webcam_wnt6-x86_1103.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_chipset_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / monitors_x64_911.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_massstorage_wnt6-x64_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_chipset_wnt6-x64_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_cardreaders_wnt6-x86_11041.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_massstorage_wnt6-x86_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_cardreaders_wnt6-x64_11041.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_chipset_wnt6-x86_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_lan-ris_wnt5_x86-32_1011.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / gaming_x64_812.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_gaming_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_modem_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / cardreaders_x64_911.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_misc_wnt6-x86_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_misc_wnt6-x64_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_monitors_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / misc_x64_911.7z	Bytes
CD&DVD.jpg	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_cablemodem_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_cpu_wnt5_x86-32_1005.7z	Bytes
info.txt	Bytes

2.89 GB in 56 files. Torrent created 2.9 weeks ago.

info_hash: 4ef5abb257b5c77b9dd5e1320ba454d93cdf86d1

This is the torrent I used to successfully download all the *.7z DParchives, using Vuze for Linux smile

VUZE - Cross-platform GUI BitTorrent client

Here is a Linux bash shell script I used to test the integrity of all the downloaded DriverPacks. All the find commands are on 1 line:


# -------------------------------------------------- #

# command to recursively test the integrity
# of all DriverPacks *.7z archives

# -------------------------------------------------- #

echo "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"
echo "Running script: $0"
echo "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"

echo "Testing DriverPacks Archives:"

# This gives a dir listing for a specified *.7z file
# find ./ -name \*touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec echo \

# list the contents of a specified *.7z file
# find ./ -name \*touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z -exec ls {} \;  -exec 7za l
 {} \; -exec echo \;

# test a specified *.7z file
# find ./ -name \*touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec 7za t
{} \; -exec echo \;

# -------------------------------------------------- #

# list all the downloaded *.7z archives
# find ./ -name \*.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec echo \;

# test all downloaded DriverPack archives
find ./ -name \*.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec 7za t {} \; -exec echo \; 2>&1 | tee

# -------------------------------------------------- #

exit 0

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Re: All DriverPacks Torrent File

No need for an external torrent site.  What you need is already available on our "Donate" page.
Look near the bottom for the option.

2. The other option is that you manually download an archive with all our .torrent files from time to time: torrents.tar.gz.

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Re: All DriverPacks Torrent File

Ok. Thanks for pointing that out Mr S. I was not aware of the tar.gz torrent, until now smile