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Can someone please add:

Iiyama monitor drivers for all modells …

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Those drivers are very old.  They may be needed for Windows 95, 98, 2000, or XP.  But I don't think they would work in Vista or Win7.
Have you tried them already?
Do they make a difference?

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Drivers are dated 20091023 (which is quite up to date). I think only the description about how to install drivers is for the "old" OS.
If I install Seven, Windows installs a generic driver only. If I install the specific Iiyama driver the exact model is named in the device manager. Don´t know if there is something more specific. How can I find out?


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ThinkPad Monitor Drivers … MIGR-62923

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Kumul wrote:

Can someone please add:
Iiyama monitor drivers for all modells …

Bump! Download link is not working.  Does anyone have an alternate link for this particular file?

The majority of my work has been with the DP_Displays_wnt5_x86-32 pack, yet it's too early for even sharing an alpha, so here's the current nt6 distillation of that work.
Here's an alpha of DP_Displays_wnt6-x86_110908, a WHQL-only pack … 0908.01.7z

DP_Displays_wnt6-x86 Contents:
A  - AOC (TPV)        - Admiral Overseas Corporation, a brand of Top Victory (TPV) Technology Ltd, as is Envision Peripherals (EPi)
B  - BenQ             - spun-off from Acer(2001), includes AUO LCD panel division, BenQ is now a division of Qisda Corp.
Be - Belinea          - formerly a brand of Maxdata, bought by Brunen IT (2008), now owned by Bluechip Computer AG
D  - Dell
Ii - Iiyama
L  - Lenovo ThinkPad
LG - LG Electronics   - Lucky/GoldStar until 1995 @ Zenith acquisition; not to be confused with LG.Phillips LCD nor LG.Phillips Displays(now LG Displays)
Me - Medion           - aka Cicero aka Tevion aka Cybercom aka Cybermaxx aka Life aka Lifetec aka Micromaxx aka Traveler; acquired by Lenovo (pending 2011)
N  - NEC Display      - formerly NEC/Mitsubishi (pre-March2005); aka NDS; co-announced NEC Lenovo Japan Group, a joint venture (2011)
                            includes Display Port support
P  - Philips          - Philips Electronics Co; now Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.; not to be confused with LG.Phillips LCD nor LG.Phillips Displays
So - Sony             - current slogan:  "Just Imagine"

z  - 'support'        - OEM support driver download, info, & ICC shortcuts - to be zipped for RC from DP_Displays_wnt5_x86-32
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DP_Displays_wnt6-x86 Changelog
v110908.01 alpha - by TechDud
- created for Vista & 7 WHQL'ed drivers only - this pack supercedes DP_Monitors 10_02.x86.7z & DP_Monitors 10_01_wnt6-x86_1001.7z
- updated folder structure - see contents.txt (all updated files are directly OEM-sourced unless otherwise noted)
- added files from DP_Monitors 10_01_wnt6-x86_1001.7z & DP_Monitors 10_02.x86.7z
- added Iiyama, lenovo ThinkPad, NEC & Medion drivers
- removed Iiyama PLB2008HDS, as it is a duplicate of PLE2008HDS
- removed Dell DELL_G2210 as it was not WHQL'ed (missing .cat file)
- added AOC, Belinea, LG & Sony drivers
- added Acer drivers from DP_Displays_wnt6_x64
- added NEC drivers including drivers from Windows Update Catalog

  0 utils., so far - to be reduced later to links, License Agreement dependant from DP_Displays_wnt5_x86-32
    (1370 files, 26 folders, 15.5MB total, ~1.00MB compressed)

Known Issues:  0

- added AOC, BenQ, & Dell Drivers

v1001  -  29 Jan 2010 by muiz
- Reorganized folder structure for upcoming DPBase support.

compstuff, mindwarper, (mr_smartepants), muiz, (OverFlow),, TechDud, Us2002, Wo Wo your hands

DP_Displays_wnt6-x86 Notes
- installing more than 25 color profiles in Windows can cause problems

- If Windows can autodetect your display over VGA with the AC cord removed from the display, then all 15 lines should have conductivity within the cable

- If you are connecting your Display over a VGA cable and Windows cannot autodetect your display, the cable may not have conductivity through pins 12 & 15

- If you are using an older KVM, the I2C communication may not properly pass through pins 12 & 15 & you may experience similar symptoms as the previous.

- If you have ruled out the previous cases and Windows still cannot autodetect your display, your display might have a bad EDID chip, or the video card
   and display may use incompatible voltages; this could prove disasterous for the EDID EEPROM within the display.

- If your Display is sRGB compatible, you need no profile associated (maybe use Windows' built-in sRGB profile; although i'm unsure of color temperature)

- If you are removing a display and you have removed the ghost driver from device manager, the registry entries may still remain.  Navigate to
   "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\DISPLAY" to manually remove the relevant keys.

- If you intend to use EDID overrides for HDMI_v1.3 passthru of 3D video (HDMI_v1.4), WHQL status is void if the .Inf is modified; use .Reg files instead.

- A copy of your display's EDID will exist (as long as Windows can autodetect) within the individual "Device Parameters".

- If the key "Control" exists alongside the "Device Parameters", your display (& cable) likely support DDC/CI

Post#300!!! cool cool  (that's two-cool!)

Edit:  updated to DP_Displays_wnt6-x86_110908.01

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Look at:

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I have that one, yes, thank you; i'm still interested in finding "".  If it's not available from an OEM, then 'c'est la vie'. hmm

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TechDud wrote:

I have that one, yes, thank you; i'm still interested in finding "".  If it's not available from an OEM, then 'c'est la vie'. hmm …


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Please update ThinkPad Monitor Drivers. … MIGR-62923


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Ra wrote:

Please update ThinkPad Monitor Drivers. … MIGR-62923


Any thoughts on the alpha?


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Please add these

Also where do I get the alpha from ?

ThinkVision L150 … MIGR-52321

Dell E152FPb … leid=88092


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Please update ThinkPad Monitor Drivers. … D=DS015012


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ThinkPad Helix Monitor INF File … D=DS033948

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did you get it?
if not, see "post#300" above.


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DP_Displays_wnt6-x86_110908 doesn't seem to work

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Could you elaborate please?  I cannot seemingly fix without further information or greater psychic powers.

"Throw me a frickin' bone here!" ... "Need the info." - "Dr. Evil"

          quoted from:

PS:  Have you read the included DP_Displays_wnt6-x86.Notes.txt?  That might be of some assistance.

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Using SAD3 and DP_Displays_wnt6-x86_110908

None of the drivers install for any monitor / display I have tried so far even ones I know are in the DP like NEC. I even tried Device Manager -> Update driver to search the KTD directory and that did not work as well.

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That is a very limited pack.  A search of *.Inf 's by HWID (ie:  NEC67C0) should provide a simple "go/no go" answer.
I hope W7 allows that type of search.  If not, File Locator Lite (for corporate use) or Agent Ransack may be of assistance.

If you can provide a specific example or two of included HWID's that do not work, perhaps i can look into it in more depth.


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NEC Drivers could use an update and Lenovo / ThinkPad


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ThinkPad Monitor INF File for Windows 8 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32-bit, 64-bit) 5.03 … D=DS037801