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Please add this Drivers
i have an DC-3410 RAID Controller to test...

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How about I add all of them? wink

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sounds great wink

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Implemented for 11.05.1 (future release)

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I thought it may be interesting to note the actual controller chips, which could indicate possible generic driver (not BIOS! - risk of 'brick') updates for Dawicontrol RAID controllers.  Serendipity occurred, instead.  Silicon Image, for example, has no drivers newer than 2010.  The Dawicontrol drivers & BIOS are from 2011.  Note that this is only theoretical, and yet to be tested. smile

Dawicontrol Product   RAID Chipset                 Dawicontrol RAID Driver Version
DC-2975U                 Symbios 53C875E          n/a
DC-100                     HighPoint HPT370A         XP v2.351   Win7 n/a
DC-133                     SiliconImage SiI680A      XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 *
DC-150                     SiliconImage SiI3512      XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 * ***
DC-154                     SiliconImage SiI3114      XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 * ***
DC-3410                   SiliconImage SiI3124      XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 *
DC-4300                   SiliconImage SiI3124      XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 *
DC-4320e                 SiliconImage SiI3124       XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 *   
DC-300e                   SiliconImage SiI3132      XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 *
DC-310e                   SiliconImage SiI3132      XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 *
DC-324e                   Marvell 88SX7042           XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 * **
DC-600e                   Marvell 88SE9128           XP v3.64   Win7 v3.64 **

* note:  these drivers might work with generic cards (probably BIOS dependent, though - only update BIOS if you're willing to risk 'bricking' your card!) & include the 'Virtual Processor' driver
** note:  latest BIOS seems to be SiI-based???
*** note:  Wikipedia notes 'Product Alerts' that may or may not have been solved long ago

I will attempt to test with a generic SiI680A-based RAID card (time permitting - & time is tight for me), since the BIOS is socketed & i cannot 'brick' it.  I note that the Dawicontrol BIOS is 128k in size, as is the SiI BIOS, even the PnP-ID at the EOF is the same.  The key used to enter the RAID BIOS Utility is different. (F4 with Dawicontrol BIOS)
  This could prove to be a nice update to my PnP-ID-modded SiI680A BIOS v3.4.00.  I would assume that the original SiI DOS-based BIOS-flasher would be necessary for this update.  I wonder if the RAID monitor will work, too.

If only there were 'motherboard'-based RAID BIOS' available from Dawicontrol. yikes

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no luck with a cross-flash on a generic board with SiI680A reference design.  no post (1 beep)